English Translation of the song Biyahe Tayo

In the post entitled “Biyahe Tayo ! (Let’s travel),” I promised that I will try to translate the song “Biyahe Tayo” into English.

Well I guess I don’t have to do the translation anymore. Somebody already did a translation of the song.

I love this song! I bet that anybody that hears this song regardless of what their nationality is will learn to love this song. For those who cannot speak Filipino, finally here is an English translation of the song.

I did not do the English translation, I just found it at youtube. Honestly, I think the one who translated it could have done a better job with the translation. (There are some grammatical errors and mistranslation of certain words) Nevertheless, we are thankful that this person took the time to translate it.

The song’s catchy tune and beautiful lyrics is certainly sure to make anybody pack up their bags and choose their dream vacation from among our 7,100 islands. If I were a billionaire, I would explore each of our more than 7,100 islands through a private jet charter.

So here it is. Click on the youtube video below and you can see the English translation.


Enjoy the song and explore the Philippines. Tara na Biyahe tayo ! Discover more than the usual. Wow Philippines !

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