The real culprit and cause of Cebu’s Tsunami alert scare

The earthquake-tsunami incident in Cebu and Negros last Monday, February 6, 2012 is still a hot topic and even trending for the past few days in the internet. More so because as of the time of this writing, the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology has recorded more than a thousand aftershocks. Some of them are quite strong especially in Negros Oriental.  Relief and rescue efforts are currently under going.

Of particular interest is the Tsunami scare in Cebu which caused mass hysteria and panic. Probably when Cebu City officials peered through the bamboo blinds in their offices and saw people running and panicking they pictured what Cebu City is like when there is a big crisis. City officials instructed the police to apprehend the culprit who started the misinformation that caused the panic and to charge said person/s with public disorder.

Apparently a guy was arrested. Witnesses tagged him as the one who first announced that the “Tsunami” approaching Cebu City. He vehemently denied the charges. According to him he was shouting in the streets, he was just looking for his daughter named “Chona Mae”. LOLz 🙂


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