Get ready for the 2011 bar exams attend this free pre-day lectures !

The 2011 bar exams is a very historic exam as this will be first time, after several decades of bar exams in the country, wherein major changes has been implemented. The game plan or battle strategy that has been followed by bar examinees for decades need to revised if not changed because of the “major major” changes in the bar exams.

As you all probably know already, about 60 % of the exam will be multiple choice questions while 40 % will be trail memorandum writing. Those taking the bar exams are very unfamiliar with this format as these were just announced late last year. And during that time those taking the bar this year was still busy preparing for the graduation so there was little time or no time at all to prepare for these changes. Hence law schools and review centers are now scampering to prepare their students on how to effectively slay this yet to be seen beast.

Before these changes, going to regular bar review and last minute review seems to be only an option, but now I believe it has become a necessity because bar candidates need to be briefed and given tips regarding these changes. Going to bar review may be great but the problem is the cost. However I have great news for those who will be taking the 2011 bar exams. I got a text message from my good friend, Prof. Erickson Balmes, bar exam reviewer and Assistant Dean of San Sabestian college of law which read:

“Announcement! The Office of Sen. Koko Pimentel will be holding the KOKO PIMENTEL 2011 BAR LAST MINUTE LECTURE SERIES on all Saturdays of November 2011 from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. at the University of Makati for provincial bar candidates. Limited slots only.


Please register at (Please remove NOSPAM to reveal the true email address) Please include the following information: Your name, School, Province, Contact number and Email address



A confirmation email will be sent to registrants who registered on time. Kindly pass to your friends especially those from the province who do not have the benefit of free last minutes lectures.”

Indeed the best things in life are free! Now grab this opportunity and register now ! Tell all you friends about this limited offer ! Now no more need to get a mortgage from a london mortgage company and you can spend more money on hp toner cartridges since you get a free pre-day 2011 Philippine bar exam lectures.

By the way, to help you prepare for the 2011 bar exams, don’t forget to grab your copy of the Lex Pareto Notes 2010 edition. Now available at all National Bookstores nationwide !

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