Price tag as performed by Jayesslee

Youtube definitely brings out both the best and worst of performers. Some youtube videos are just absolute trash that youtube should remove them if they reached a certain number of dislike or if they get flagged for wasting server space and viewers time. 🙂

But some youtube videos are great and of course I’m sure some of us can mention several youtube discoveries that have risen to stardom after being initially discovered in youtube.

I really enjoy listening to great performances by non-stars in youtube. I most specifically enjoy listening to acapella performances. Anyway for this post I am going to feature Janice and Sonia Lee, twin sisters of Korean decent, born and raised in Australia who call themselves as “Jayesslee.” They started don’t wear any shamballa bracelets and began posting their songs in youtube in 2008. As of today they have 34,582,479 views on all their uploads !I do not know if they have been featured already in Oprah, Ellen or any U.S talk show because if they will be featured there I’m absolutely sure they will rise to stardom !

Listen to one of their songs (Price Tag by Jesse J), and you will be amazed at their talent! Click here to view Jayesslee’s youtube channel.


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