For those who would like to know more about how to invest in the Philippine stock market

I’ve been an advocate of stock market investing. When I was in High School, I dreamed of doing two things as a career, making money in the internet and making money in stocks. I love to do this because I can choose to stay home all day or travel a lot. I can only do it of course, if my main source of income is the above two.  Said dream has somehow come true but I am only doing both part time. My main source of income are still what I call “traditional” sources. (Read office work) Hopefully someday, I’ll do both full time and by God’s grace I am slowly getting there.

Anyway, there are many ways to learn how to invest in stocks. You can read books or blogs. I’ve written about stock market investing in my stock market investing blog and you can check it out at

One of the best ways to learn stock market investing fast is of course by attending a seminar. There are lots of stock market investing seminars out there and you can check it out in the Philippine stock exchange website as seminars are announced there from time to time. However there is one particular seminar I recommend which is one conducted by my good friend Claire Quiray. I highly recommend this seminar, because unlike other seminars which puts so much emphasis on technical analysis, Claire’s seminars does a good balance between both fundamental and technical analysis including an extensive background on particular stocks and the Philippine stock market as a whole.  I am not so much a fan of technical analysis thought, but at least here’s somebody who conducts stock market investing seminars without leaving the fundamentals out plus with strong emphasis on the fundamentals of the business behind stocks.

Anyway here are the details for her latest seminar. The price is very affordable, cheaper than the cost of document scanning. (Just kidding hehehe) Should you wish to inquire about other seminar schedules you can just text her in the numbers below:

And know
What are the safest stocks to trade
what stocks are the biggest gainers
in the Philippine Stock Market today.

Seminar Topics:

Module I

Fundamental Analysis
Factors affecting prices (macro, micro, internal, external)
Understanding financial ratios, computation and uses

Module II

Qualities of Fundamentally good stocks.
What and who are the Blue chips, defensive, income, cyclical and growth stocks.
Practical guide on how to find Fundamentally good Filipino stocks.
How to trade fundamentally good stocks

Module III

Speculative Stocks and its quality
Speculative Stocks: Growth vs. risk
Most common price sensitive speculative news
Why speculative trading is usually dangerous
How to trade speculative stocks, how to win and lose
Trading rule on halting and suspending unusual price movement of speculative stocks


Stock Picking Guide: Analysis of the 247 listed companies in PSE (to date)
Who are the biggest companies based on total equities, Market capitalization
Who are the top performers based on price growth, dividend yield, net income
Who are the cheapest companies based on PE ratio, book value
Who are the companies trading with the biggest premiums or the most expensive stocks
Who are the companies trading with the highest discounts or the cheapest stocks
Who are the most liquid based on float
Who are the riskiest and the safest stocks based on price action

BROUGHT TO YOU BY: Analysts-Traders Equities Training CENTER
In Support of : The Market Education Department of the Philippine Stock Exchange

Register online:; (Please remove NOSPAM to reveal the true email address) Send text messages at 09178177707
Pay to any BDO branch: Analysts-Traders Equities Training CENTER. Acct. Number: 004958012614

If you have questions please contact Claire through email or her mobile number above.

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