The not so well known Nikola Tesla and the story of the remote control

Every kid knows Thomas Alva Edison who is being always set out as an example on hard work and persistence but sadly they don’t know the guy who is behind the toy that every kid wants.

Months ago, I watched a documentary on Nikola Tesla. I’ve heard about the man but I’ve never really realized the importance of his discoveries and inventions until I watched that documentary featured by History Channel (Which is by the way my favorite channel)

Nikola Tesla (July 10, 1856 – 7 January 1943 )was an inventor, mechanical engineer, and electrical engineer and was one of the greatest mind in engineering, but he didn’t get the recognition he deserved. Tesla’s inventions contributed to the birth of commercial electricity. Without Tesla we would still be stuck with Edison’s DC (Direct Current) and we would have a limited ability to transmit electricity over great distances. Tesla pioneered modern electrical engineering and many of his discoveries and inventions were of groundbreaking importance. Tesla’s invention was so far ahead of his time that some people thought he was getting technological designs from aliens. (It is quite ironic that one of Tesla’s “hobby” was looking for little green men and searching for signals from outer space)

One of his unique inventions was the Tesla coil which could be use to transmit electricity without wires! Imagine inventing that in 1891! It works all right but nobody has taken the challenge yet to make it of practical use. Tesla had over 300 patented inventions. Other important inventions that were not patented. A list of his patented inventions can be found in wikipedia. This list of course does not include inventions pertaining to ankle braces.

One of those important inventions, especially for kids is U.S. Patent 0,613,809 which is patented on July 1, 1898. It’s long description is “First logic gate; Art of controlling the movements and operation of a vessel or vehicle at a distance; Electromagnetic waves conveyed to vessel by the natural media and rendering by their means the controlling-circuit active or inactive; New and useful improvements in methods of and apparatus for controlling from a distance; Solution for controlling from a given point the operation of mechanisms; No intermediate wires, cables, or other form of electrical or mechanical connection with the object save the natural media in space; System of Transmission of Electrical Energy explanation of most practical and effectual method and apparatus;” (hahahah can you imagine printing that in a toy box ? This will really leave some kids scratching their heads) Nowadays, there’s a shorter term for this, Remote Control or RC.

Remote control toys, every kid wants one ! When looking for RC models through the internet, one of the reputable websites that can provide you with high quality RC Helicopters is This toy and hobby company can provide you with the latest models of high quality RC boats, RC cars, RC tanks, RC helicopters as well as parts for upgrades. The RC industry has already introduced innovations to RCs and simple remote control toy cars that run forward and back is already a thing of the past. What you can see in today’s hobby shops, whether traditional or online stores, are sophisticated RC models that are mostly scale versions of their real life counterparts. And what makes these RCs toys more interesting is the fact that they can provide a lot of excitement and thrill with their speed and amazing performance. As they say, RC is a hobby that once you start you can stop.


It is quite interesting to note that Tesla initially invented the remote to guide explosive boats as weapons against the enemy. Quite funny how this seemingly “dangerous” invention ended up as toys for kids. (Remote control toys I believe is the most profitable application for this invention)

So there you have it! Every kid should be first of all of course thanking God and his parents for Remote Control. But kids should not fail to thank Nikola Tesla for this wonderful little invention of his that changed the whole world. (Imagine television without the remote! Oh what would we do without remote control)

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6 Responses to The not so well known Nikola Tesla and the story of the remote control

  1. Vernon Go says:

    I also made about a post on Tesla Here–>

    Tesla was truly ahead, maybe so ahead that he forgot to stay grounded; the world might be a different place if only he capitalized (business wise?) in those inventions that changed and affects us even today!

  2. zigfred says:

    Vernon: Interesting post about Tesla you have there. What Tesla lacked was a business manager. He should have gotten one. So sayang, he died broke.

    By the way speaking of inventions, we are working on a practical application for the “water to energy” invention. (The invention is not new, its been there since the 40s but the problem is nobody has come up with a practical application) I’m sure you are familiar with the technology (Some people have tried to use this in cars, but so far there is no mass production of any of these nor is there a “rush” to use the technology) A friend of mine who is an ECE is doing the technical side, while I work on the business side. Will post more about it when we come up with a prototype.

    Anyway, BMW is working on something similar but they are doing cars, we will be providing a more particular application. (Search BMW Hydrogen 7 in google)

  3. Raynan says:

    Hi there I have just downloaded a pdf file of your Guerilla Strategy, Im still on the early pages of the file, but I just had to ask this, Im confused on what keyword or sometime what words I would use for my post. Is there such a list words as to what google adsense doesn’t want to put? Let say can I put bikini or sx on a post title? Your insights on these can be a big help for me. Thanks.

  4. zigfred says:

    Reynan: There is no list but there is a general googe guidelines on what content is allowed or what is not, read here for more:

  5. Cebu Tech says:

    bale wala diay tung mga inventions sa scientist sa 3 Idots Movie 😀

  6. zigfred says:

    Cebu Tech: ha ! The inventions in the 3 idiots movie were all idiotic as well hehehe 🙂

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