Support and sponsor a child in the Philippines

A family strives to survive to provide a better and satisfying life. The father, as the breadwinner, earns less in carpentry to support the needs of the family. The mother, a housewife, tries to find a job to sustain their financial needs. Working as a house helper is the only means of getting employed. They are renting in a small room. They do not have electricity and they get water from the well.

The family depends much on the father’s income. What he earns is spent on their basic necessities and that alone could not send their four children to school. Two of the children were able to study until grade two. The eldest, sixteen, is helping his father in carpentry.

While the second child, aged eleven, stopped schooling due to inability of parents to pay her school fees. The two younger ones, ages nine and six have not studied yet. The children shows interest to go to school but their parents could not afford their school expenses. Instead, they are left at home to do household chores. Education is essential in a child’s life and giving these kids the opportunity to study is enough to give them a better future.

How important is education? Aside from being one of the basics rights of the child, education is very important since it is the means to equip children in order that they might grow up to become responsible and productive members of society. Without education, instead of contributing to society there is a big probability that they will become a menace or will contribute to the evils and social ills of society.

While it is true that the Philippines government provides free basic education to children, nevertheless some children cannot afford to go to school simply because they do not have any fare, pocket money for food, school supplies and other expenses needed to concentrate on their school work. Others are forced to skip school and go to work, to help support the basic family needs. Others who can afford to go to school, has nobody to help them in their school work since the parents are just too busy making a living.


Rather than spending money on coupons choose instead to support a child in the Philippines or sponsor a child in the Philippines as this will help Filipino children focus and concentrate on their school work as the basic needs necessary for them to focus on education are met. Remember God has blessed you with much to be come a blessing to others also.

If you are interested in supporting and sponsoring a child in the Philippines please e-mail us at (Remove NOSPAM to reveal the true email address) Or you can visit our website at

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