Pag may PAGBABAGO may Goldilocks

5 years ago, I was just in law school and about to enter my 3rd year law.

5 years before that I just graduated from my undergraduate course.

5 years before that I was just finishing High school

5 years before that I was just about to enter the 6th grade

5 years before that I was just about to start school.

And 5 years before that I wasn’t even born yet !

Oh how time flies swiftly and oh how change remains so constant.

Change gives life color and excitement. It gives us a sense of progress and sense of achievement. It gives meaning to life.

Imagine a world of no change. No Innovations, No growth. Life becomes dull and boring.

Through my years of existence on this planet earth, there are lots of changes that happened in my life. Big major changes.


Every year I celebrate my birthday, that’s a major change as I get older every year

Every time a member of the family celebrates a birthday, that’s a major change, cause that means they are getting older too ! 

Every time I graduate, that’s a major change, because I’ve learned much, earn a year level or a degree.

Every time I celebrate an occasion such as my marriage, the birth of my son, major achievements in my profession, events in the organizations I am involved in, those are indeed major changes as I take on more roles in life.

Interestingly along with change there’s one thing that’s also constant, GOLDILOCKS !

GOLDILOCKS . . .  my constant companion in life’s major changes ! But no matter how much I love Goldilocks, there is still no Goldilocks in my refrigerator filter hehehee 🙂

(Official entry to a Goldilocks contest which I did not win hehehehe)

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4 Responses to Pag may PAGBABAGO may Goldilocks

  1. claire says:

    kala ko kng ano na eh… pagkain lang pala ^^

  2. yodz says:

    also a Goldilocks fan here, just dropping by. Hope they make a bigger polvoron packs.

  3. zigfred says:

    yodz: They used to, and I loved that polvoron. (Wrapped in golden yellow plastic) Don’t know why they stopped it. They should relaunch the “classics.”

  4. zigfred says:

    claire: heheheh, this is an official entry to a contest. Sana manalo, ipad kasi ang price. hehehehe 🙂

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