Beer company proves that Albert Einstein is wrong about teleportation

If you are a science fiction fan, you would know what I am talking about. Star Trek Buffs call this as “Beam me up Scotty” while other science fiction fans closely associate teleportation with the “Star gate.”

For the uninformed a more concise definition is given by Wikipedia which defines Teleportation as “the transfer of matter or energy from one point to another, at speeds faster than the speed of light.”

The realization of teleportation technology would certainly revolutionize the way we live, much like how computers has revolutionize the 20th century. Imagine a world where there will be no more need for mail or cargo services, no more need even for cars, trains or even airplanes. No more dreaded time sitting in an outdoor furniture in airports, bus stops, boat and bus terminals. We will be able to go where we want to go near the speed of thought ! We will be able to literally have breakfast at Paris, Lunch in New York and Dinner in Beijing ! We will be with our loved ones when we want and wherever we want. The average man would literally have more than 24 hours a day as he becomes more productive considering the elimination of transportation time as time and space folds into one.

We do not know how many years from now before this technology will be realized Albert Einstein, the 20th century’s leading thinkers in the field of quantum physics disbelieve the concept of teleportation and called it “spooky.” But believe it or not a beer company in Argentina has invented a device that will allow persons to transport into another location at the speed of light. Watch this youtube video for more details


P.S: You might find yourself laughing at the end of the video but believe it or not in December of 1997, Scientist in an Austrian laboratory destroyed bits of light in one place and made perfect replicas appear about 3 feet away. In 2004 Physicists carried out a successful teleportation with particles of light over a distance of 600 meters across the River Danube in Austria. And in 2006 Physicists demonstrate the first successful entanglement of the quantum states of photons (in a laser beam) with the quantum states of physical matter. Sure this is a long way from having breakfast in Paris, lunch in New York and Dinner in Beijing, but we are almost getting there.

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    Oh my gosh! This is AWESOME!!!

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