Top ten Philippine elections 2010 spoofs & parody

Election is such a colorful time in the Philippines. I don’t think any other country can match the colorful and vibrant democracy that we have. That’s because the colors that come with the election is not abstract but literal. Literally, the entire country is covered with the colors of the respective candidates running for their desired post. When election time comes, all Filipinos agree that the circus has indeed come to town.

Without a doubt Filipinos are the one of the most creative in making political ads, jingles and election related materials. Those making spoofs also would not want to be left behind. Since the Philippines is not only the “texting” capital of the world but also without a doubt the “social networking” capital, thousands of Philippines elections 2010 spoofs & parodies be it video or pictures has been uploaded to the web. I wish somebody would make a “Election spoofs and parody awards” in the near future. Anyway, to help you sort through the rubbish, here is what I believe is the top ten Philippine 2010 elections spoofs & comical acts. Please take note that the following spoofs are mainly for entertainment purposes and are not intended to spread black propaganda against any candidate. Forgive also some of the language, I cannot edit them.

I am sure there are more funny election spoofs and comical acts, but perhaps I could not find them because they did not use directory submission service. Anyway if you do find other funny ones, drop me a comment.

No. 10 – Various funny pictures on the Philippines 2010 elections

No. 9 – Gordon becomes third member of Moymoy Palaboy’s duo.

No. 8 – Hilter campaigns for Mar Roxas

No. 7 – Peter Griffin comments on Erap’s T.V ad

No. 6 – Presidentiables dance showdown

No. 5 – Gibo is definitely ready for take off !


No. 4 – Manny Villar is Baby James secret candidate (This isn’t spoof, but it is indeed funny, forgive baby James, he is just a kid)

No. 3 – Mar Roxas Padyak ad

No. 2 – Hitler complains about Manny Villar

No. 1 – T.V hit series prison break makes a shocking discovery !

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