Who on earth is Carmina Topacio

I first heard about Carmina Topacio when listening to one of my favorite Radio program in AM radio, sidewalk 1512.

Sidewalk 1512’s main topic is about business and economics but because the program’s host is a music lover, a smattering of music topics and music itself is played form time to time. The program’s host is no other than Thads Bentulan, popularly known as the Street Strategist, author, and original thinker of the controversial hyper-wage theory as well as other society shaking original ideas.

Thads otherwise known as “Kuya JT” kept on saying in his program to look up who Carmina Topacio is. So I did.

According to internet sources, Carmina Topacio is an 18 year old, Filipina, rising youtube sensation. As of the time of this writing, her youtube channel has about 8,000 subscribers. She sings while playing her guitar. She also does original music compositions. What makes her further a hit is her angelic looks. (If you want to look like here perhaps you may want considering using some ephedra diet pills):-)

Well, Carmina Topacio is a rising Filipino star waiting to be discovered. And as soon as she will achieve fame, she will be added to the long list of Filipino stars such as Moymoy Palaboy, Rin on the Rox, Charice Pempengco and Arnel Pineda who were all discovered in the internet. When she does became famous, don’t forget that you heard about her first here at zdiaz.com.

Here are two of Carmina Topacio’s original compositions:


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  1. Stellar says:

    Oh my Carmina. Idol, sikat ka na talaga. =)

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