The truth behind the C-5 road controversy

Jokes, spoofs and a topic for chit-chats and “chizmis” which is the favorite past time of Filipinos. This has what has become of the C-5 road controversy. Like a fish bone that seem stuck on one’s throat that never seems to go away despite what you do to it, this is what the C-5 road controversy has become to Senator and presidential candidate Manny Villar.

Despite the fact that Manny Villar has advanced so much in the latest survey, I believe that if it were not for the C-5 road controversy, it is without a doubt that Manny Villar could have probably overtaken Ninoy Aquino by now in the survey.

So what is the truth behind the C-5 road controversy? The truth behind this is I believe the Rubicon for those who are still undecided whether to vote for Aquino or Villar, that is why it is very important to know what is the really the truth behind the C-5 road controversy.

In order that I am not be labeled as biased or that I am pro or anti-Villar, let the facts speak for themselves. I will let you decide on what is really the truth behind the C-5 road controversy.

Below are three youtube videos. The first one is taken from the ABS-CBN program of veteran broadcaster Ted Failon who seems to judge Villar as guilty based on two points first is an anti-graft provision on the Constitution and second is the principle of “Res Ipsa Loquitor” (Or according to Ted Failon “Res ipsa subdivi” – Just watch the video on what he means by that)

The second video is a presentation by the GMA7 program of Winnie Monsod. Monsod gives a more balanced presentation presenting the facts as it is and lets the listeners decide for themselves. (Although at the end of the program, you can conclude that she is somehow inclined to believe that Villar is guilty)


The 3rd video is a news item condensing the privileged speech made in the Senate by Manny Villar himself who answers the allegations point by point all questions raised by Ted Failon, Winnie Monsod and all his detractors. Click here to view the full transcript of Manny Villar’s privilege speech in the Senate on the C-5 road controversy.

So is Manny Villar guilty as portrayed by his detractors? Did Manny Villar sufficiently defend himself? Are you satisfied with his explanation? What is really the truth behind the C-5 controversy? You decide! Drop me a comment. If Villar can’t properly explain this controversy I guess he should get some roadside assistance in order to win the Presidential elections. 🙂

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