How the Family Watch Dog will be useful for Filipinos

I’ve stumbled across a great resource in the internet known as the Family Watch Dog. The Family Watch dog is a website that allows you to see for free, if a person is an RSO (If you want to know what an RSO means check out the website, I couldn’t place it here because google will block my ads if a say the “S” word, saying the “S” word is bad says the google bot hehehehe) 🙂 This means that said person has been convicted of “S” offenses. I wish this “registry” is present in all countries throughout the world especially in the Philippine. Unfortunately those in the database are only RSOs in the United States.

The Family Watch Dog website provides lots of details. You can search for RSOs by location or by name. There is also a feature that will help alert you if an RSO has moved within your location (In the United States only) A RSO’s name, picture, aliases, cases he is convicted of, address, (RSO in the U.S are required to report if they transfer addresses) description (including height, weight, date of birth, marks etc.) and the map showing their current place of residence. A cool feature is that you can be alerted via email if you and RSO moves within 5 miles of your residence.

Take note that all of the above information provided by the Family Watch Dog is for free. There are third party advertisers in the website that allows you to dig deeper and give you more important information for a fee (Ranging somewhere from $10 to $40) More detailed information for a fee are provided like lawsuits, (other civil and criminal cases) marriage and divorce records, neighbors and relatives in the area and much more.

Whew! I wish we have all of this in the Philippines. Anyway, you might ask yourself, if this RSO list only covers persons in the United States, how are we going to be helped by this if we live outside the United States especially us in the Philippines? Well as you all know we have a lot of American visitors who visits the Philippines every year. A lot of them are looking for Filipina wives.

You might say so what if my online boyfriend is a RSO? Does it mean that there is no more chance for him to change? Of course there’s always a chance for a person to change. I believe in second chances. This is especially true if a person is given the gospel presentation and that he responds to such presentation, repents of his sins and makes Jesus Christ his Lord and Savior.

The reason why you must be wary if your American boyfriend is an RSO is because statistically, RSOs were about four times more likely than non-sex offenders to be arrested for another sex crime after their discharge from prison.


So if you have a sister, friend, relative, aunt, neighbor, classmate, or acquaintance whose dream is to have somebody from the United States as a boyfriend or a future husband (Which is becoming a trend in the Philippines) encourage them to use the Family Watch Dog to avoid another Pinay Scandal.  If you have a relative in the United States inform them of the Family Watch Dog website as well. As the Family Watch Dog website says “Awareness is your best defense.” Click here to visit the Family Watch Dog Website.

With the Family Watch Dog website installing expensive home security systems might become a thing of the past. (Well not really there are still thieves and other bad elements of society to contend with hehehehe) 🙂

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