The greatest legacy of Cory Aquino Part 1

Today, President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo has declared a special non-working holiday. We are not having a holiday to celebrate an occasion but rather to mourn the death of a woman, a woman who changed the history of our country, a woman who restored democracy to our nation. That woman is no other than our beloved former President, Maria Corazon Sumulong Cojuangco Aquino or fondly called by the people as “Cory Aquino.”

Cory Aquino is not only known as an icon of democracy for the Philippines, but an icon of democracy for Asia and the rest of the world. Having led the greatest bloodless revolution known as “EDSA PEOPLE POWER” in modern times, she certainly earned her place in the annals of our history book by being the “mother of our democracy.”


Cory Aquino is not only famous for toppling almost 2 decades of Marcos dictatorship and restoring the democratic institutions of the Philippines. She was responsible for all of the following, our present Constitution, the Comprehensive Agrarian reform programs which gave land to thousands of landless farmers, the Autonomous Regions (Cordillera and Muslim Mindanao) and the local government code which gave autonomy and freedom in governance to indigenous people and local government units.

Cory Aquino has gained international recognition and prominence by being named as TIME magazine’s, woman of the year, being nominated for the Nobel Peace price and having the honor of delivering a speech to the joint session of the United States Congress. Despite being soft spoken, calm and describing herself as a “plain housewife” who only wanted to be a good mother, wife and to be a mathematics teacher, Cory Aquino has gained respect and recognition as a strong and courageous leader.

Cory Aquino may have accomplished lots of things and to a lot of people she left several legacies. A lot of people believe that Cory Aquino’s greatest legacy is freedom, while others believe it is the restoration of democracy. But what is Cory Aquino’s greatest legacy ?



Despite the drama involved in her ushering in to power her presidency was not a golden age for the Philippines. During her reign the Philippines was in economic chaos, brought about by the years of corruption and economic wastage of the Marcos era. Natural and man made disasters rocked the country, a series of military insurrections added to the chaos. Even though she was not directly responsible for it, the infamous Mendiola massacre was also considered as one of the lowest points in Cory Aquino’s presidency.

Nevertheless despite all of these, Cory Aquino remains to be one of the Philippines greatest and most loved presidents. Why is this? It is because she is one of the few leaders that we had that had real integrity.

Personally, I believe the Cory Aquino’s greatest legacy is integrity. And why would I say this? Click her for Part 2 of Corazon Aquino’s greatest legacy.

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One Response to The greatest legacy of Cory Aquino Part 1

  1. nemie jullado says:

    For me the one legacy that cory left us is one of dismay and disappointment. All she did was restore the OLIGARCHIC CRONY CAPITALISM…disguised as “DEMOCRACY”…she left us with the “PAG-PAG Legacy…she betrayed the very one person who helped her with becoming president and even call him”LANGAW” in national TV…and left politics for good and even died for it…without cory even asking the coveted”I am sorry DOY! I can vividly recall how she sold all state assets for the benefit of the KAMAG-ANAK INC. She blew it…she could have requested the IMF WORLD Bank to free us from the debt Marcos left us…just like what EGYPT did…but instead continued to pay those debt which continue to eat up our National Income. I was there at EDSA i too complete with HOPE for a better future…but this cory failed miserably. Ours is still a country of nannies and mendicants. Our poor people are increasing by the hour…whilest her crony OLIGARCHS continue to become rich by the hour!

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