News update about the Mercy Me bus crash

Popular Christian band Mercy Me, had to cancel their show in St. Louis after their tour bus crash and collided with a car in Indiana. The accident killed two passengers in the car and the pregnant driver’s unborn baby. Reports reveal that the car made an abrupt left turn in front of the tour bus.

Nobody in the band was injured except for some minor bumps and bruises. Due to the Bus crash, Mercy Me has moved their show at Six Flags, St. Louis to September 5, 2009. It’s good that Mercy Me rode a bus, otherwise they would need a good San Jose motorcycle accident attorney.

I’ve read some comments asking where was God in all this ? Why didn’t God intervene and stop the accident.  If there is really a God why did the Mercy Me bus crash happen ? Well the Bible has this to say about this issues. First of all at some point in time, all of us will surely die. Secondly, whatever happens to us, God always has a plan and purpose. In fact for those who truly love God, no matter what happens whether good or bad, whether it is as teribble as the Mercy Me bus crash, it will always work out for the good.

I’ve known Mercy Me through their popular song “I Can only imagine” which has somewhat became one of my favorite Christian songs. The words and music, most especially has been such a blessing.

If you have not heard of Mercy Me’s song hit song, “I can only imagine” click on the youtube video below.


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