Guerilla bloggers, get a chance to be featured !

Almost a year ago, The prince of Philippine SEO, Marhgil Macuha  and yours truly launched an ebook entitled “Guerilla blogger’s strategy and tactics on how to make cash online.” The ebook is simply a compilation of most of Marhgil’s post and my post, however the material is organized in a very unique manner. The free ebook was met with positive responses and appreciated both by newbie and veteran bloggers alike.

This coming October 2009, in celebration of the first anniversary of the launching of our ebook, we will be launching and updated version of our ebook. We will be including a “testimonial” section wherein “Guerilla bloggers” who have achieved success by following our “guerilla” techniques or those who followed the suggestions of our ebook and those who followed Marghil’s blog or my blog even before the our first ebook was released.

To be included in our forthcoming “Guerilla blogger’s strategy and tactics on how to make cash online October 2009 edition” Simply do the following:

1.) Blog about the guerilla blogging e-book and how it helped you make money online.

2.) Send your picture and a link to your testimonial at marhgil{at} (Click here to read more about Marghil’s post on this entitled, “Guerilla bloggers please stand up and testify !”)


We will not feature the full testimonial due to limited space. However we will include a substantial part of it and a link to your blog post. This will be a great exposure for your blog !

Aside from being featured in the ebook, all those who have submitted their testimonials will be featured in my new how to make cash online blog, Sorry we will not be giving away freebies like an unlocked phone, just a feature hehehehe 🙂

So watcha waitin’ for ? Submit your testimonial na ! Now na ! Help spread the word by blogging about this campaign !

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7 Responses to Guerilla bloggers, get a chance to be featured !

  1. ice_hot says:

    i will blog na! heee. thanks for the opp!

  2. iggy says:

    made my post about this!!!! weeeeeeeee

  3. zigfred says:

    iggy: Thanks !

  4. Winziph says:

    hehehe i’ve done with my post, kaya blog na ^__^

  5. ice_hot says:

    hi sir! nagawa ko na po ang blog entry ko: Guerilla Blogging is FUN!.

    na e-mail ko na rin po si sir marghil. hehehe

  6. zigfred says:

    ice_hot: THanks for your entry ice_hot ! Will inform you once the 2nd edition of our ebook is out 🙂

  7. Shekhar sahu says:

    I will definitely read and blog it.

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