My 6 year old son’s first violin concert

My son Zed Avalon Diaz had his first violin concert last May 16, 2009 at the Sacred Heart School Jesuit Canduman campus.

Lol heheheh it’s not really a violin concert but a violin recital :-). I just used the words violin concert for keyword ambush heheheehhe…:-)

To prepare for the “violin concert”, my son has been taking violin lessons for almost 1 year now at the Pilar B. Sala Institution for Music and the Arts. By the way special thanks to my son’s teacher Dr. Wayneth Ibales for helping him prepare for the “violin concert.”

Pilar B. Sala Institution for Music and the Arts is operated by the Salvador Pilar Sala Foundation Incorporated (SPSFI). The school was established in 1945 and widely known as Battig Piano School. Until today most Cebuano know the school by that name instead of its new name. In fact the average Cebuano refers to the place as “Battig.”In 1993, the school was renamed to its new name. Lessons in various instruments such as strings, wind and percussion instruments were added. I used to go to this school but I ended up being a street fiddler instead of playing in a violin concert heheheheh… 🙂 Anyway this will be made subject of another post.

The “violin concert” started at about 3:30 p.m. My wife Zenith and son Zed went ahead as I still have things to attend to. I was not really familiar with the northern part of Cebu particularly the Talmban-Mandaue area as we are living in the southern part of Cebu. I almost got lost locating the Sacred Heart School Jesuit Canduman campus.

When I arrived there I was impressed with the sprawling grounds of the newly built school. I was equally impressed with the auditorium where the violin concert was held.

Anyway here is the youtube video of my son’s first “violin concert.”.  🙂 The kids looked nice. I wish they wore a tuxedo, they would have looked more cute. 🙂


This second youtube video is a “mini” violin concert by the Pilar B. Sala Institution for Music and the Arts faculty members. They performed 2 songs to “inspire” the students. True enough my 6 year old son was inspired. Before he goes to sleep I always play him some classical music and he has heard this piece before (This piece is one of Mozart’s most popular composition known as the “Eine kleine Nachtmusik”, otherwise known as Serenade No. 13 for strings in G major a.k.a “A small serenade” a.k.a “A little night music” I wonder why there is so many titles for this piece !:-)) Now that he has heard his teachers play this piece, he requests that this piece be played first every night!:-)

This third youtube video is their performance of theme song from the Movie, the Mask of Zoro, “I want to spend my lifetime loving you.”

Although my son is a bit lazy in practicing most of the times, I hope that he would pursue his music studies. I do not dream of him becoming a Mozart. But I believe that the discipline that music instills will somehow provide as it has for me according to the words of Buffett partner, Charlie Munger a “Latticework of Mental Models” that will later on aid him to be successful in whatever endeavor he wishes to pursue in life be it performing in a real violin concert or whatsoever !. 🙂

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2 Responses to My 6 year old son’s first violin concert

  1. Fats says:

    awwwww. congratulations on your son’s recital! 🙂 hope music will turn into a passion for him. 😀

    im inspired by your little guy. i’d like to go back to piano lessons…do you have Battig’s contact number?

  2. zigfred says:

    Fats: Thanks ! Yep, Batig’s number is (032) 231-1341.

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