Donnie Nietes vs. Erik Ramirez youtube video

I didn’t get to blog about the “Donnie Nietes vs. Erik Ramirez youtube video” before the fight. I learned about this just recently. Anyway, the news is still fresh perhaps I can still get some traffic for this.

Once again, the Philippine is proud because ALA gymn’s star fighter, WBO minimum weight king, Donnie Nietes successfully defended his title for the second time, this time against Mexican Erik Ramirez in Oaxaca, Mexico. Donnie Nietes knocked down the Mexican fighter four times making the judges score the bout at 115-109, 116-108 and 113-111 all in favor of Nietes.

Called “Ahas” (snake) because he enters the ring bringing his pet snake with him, Donnie Nietes has improved his standing to 24-1-3, 14 KOs while Erik Ramirez who is ranked No. 2 by the WBO slid down to 25-6-1 with 19 knockouts.

Boy I wish I had those boxer’s well chiseled abs.  Well got to take my weight loss pills to achieve it hehehehe.

I have a previous post on Donnie Nietes’ previous fight. People seem to be taken there by the search engines when doing a search of the Donnie Nietes vs. Erik Ramirez youtube video. So I have decided to blog about this to take advantage of the traffic it brings and of course to post the Donnie Nietes vs. Erik Ramirez youtube once it is made available.


So while waiting for Donnie Nietes vs. Erik Ramirez youtube video to be made available here is a news clip for ABS-CBN’s T.V patrol on the result of the fight.

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