Boom Tarat Tarat jazz version

Boom Tarat Tarat is composed by Lito Camo a famous Filipino song writer who wrote several popular novelty songs such as “Bakit Papa? Tawag mo ako?”, “Spaghetti Song”, “Bulaklak”, “Wowowee”, “Otso-Otso.”

Most of his songs were popularized by the regular Filipino noon time shows such as Eat Bulaga and Wowowee. In particular Boom Tarat Tarat was popularized by Willie Revillame host of the ABS-CBN noon time show Wowowee.

I am really not much of Lito Camo novelty songs fan. The only novelty songs I am fan of are those composed and sung by Visayan Novely song artists such as Yoyo Villame and Max Surban. (In fact I can sing some of them from memory, but don’t let me sing in public heheheheh) I really like those songs because they are so funny, especially those composed by Yoyo Villame.

Anyway, there is a jazz version of Boom Tarat Tarat sung by none other than Asia’s premiere vocal group, The Company. Click on the youtube video below to see a different version of Boom Tarat Tarat.


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2 Responses to Boom Tarat Tarat jazz version

  1. Pinoy Jokes says:

    ganda ng version.. mas maganda sa original… mas masaya ito eh…

  2. zigfred says:

    Pinoy Jokes: O nga I love the Company ang galing nila !

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