Cebu Blogger’s Society and the October 23 meet-up

Part of a blogger’s life are offline blogging activities. I’ve heard that in the United States blogger’s have to chip in for most blogging meet ups. Not to worry they have so much money over there ? We are so fortunate in the Philippines that sponsors and advertisers are so generous to bloggers. Last Thursday October 23, 2008 The Digital Filipino Club organized a blogger’s meet up at the Waterfront hotel. The event is sponsored by PAGCOR, one of the latest corporate members of the Digital Filipino Club.

The event was attended by more than a hundred people. About 80 % or more of the attendees are bloggers. Some of those who attended were non-bloggers but were working in information technology related jobs. Others who attended are what I call as “blogging sympathizers.” These are people who are very interested in blogging but have not yet committed their time or resource to it. I have brought with me six “blogging sympathizers.” I’ve been spreading the “blogging” gospel everywhere I go.

The biggest group that attended is of course our very own Cebu Blogger’s Society (CBS). I’ve always been jealous of how organize the Mindanao Bloggers. They have a very strong group. They organized the Word Press Camp in Manila and even have their very own Mindanao Blogging Summit. Metro Manila does not even have a unified blogger’s organization

Finally we have our own blogging organization, the Cebu Blogger’s Society ! Cebu Blogger’s Society was started on February 14, 2008. The purpose of the group is “to organize the Cebu-based bloggers and to create an atmosphere of camaraderie with bloggers blogging about technology, politics, hobbies, food, travel and almost everything under the sun”

Although still very young as an organization, its potential as a group is very promising. The group is increasing in number. To date, Cebu Blogger’s Society has about 77 registered members. We have our very own logo and our very own official T-Shirt! The group has several small meetings in a month just to get together and talk about certain agendas. I have attended one such meeting. As of now the unofficial meeting place is Figaro Coffee shop at The Walk in Cebu City’s I.T Park.

The October 23 event at Waterfront was a blessing for the Cebu Blogger’s Society because after the event, a lot of Cebu Bloggers who has not heard about the Cebu Blogger’s Society has expressed interest to join the group. What is more interesting is that there have been lots of inquiries about the t-shirt. Kevin Ray Chua, a founding CBS member says that he hopes that the interest in the group goes beyond the T-shirt

The event kicked off with the most important part, EAT ALL YOU CAN DINNER! (I should have brought my ephedra diet pills with me hehehehe) Dinner was catered by The Port. After we had our stomachs full, Janet Toral started discussing about the Digitial Filipino Club. Afterwards she talked about the top 100 blogs of the Philippines as measured by Kevin Rey Chua was then given time to talk about the Cebu Blogger’s Society. Then PAGCOR presented a video about their plans for future expansion.


The night ended with a band rocking the night away. Some bloggers and attendees tried the card games and slot machines available in the sidelines. I have never been a gambler, nor would I want to be one, so I just walked around met new bloggers, chatted with my guest and some friends and tried to enjoy the music. Seated in my table was my wife, Zenith who recently became a blogger, Ching, my wife’s friend whom I have recruited into blogging, Ching’s Norwegian friend, Thor and the Lex Pareto team, Atty. Alrey Ouano of the Public Attorney’s office, Atty. Louella Matsumoto who just arrived from a 2 years stay in Honduras, Soon to be lawyers, Maria Salud Barillo and Nolito Dayanan.

At about 10:30 p.m. most of the attendees had gone home and we were the only ones who stayed and waited until the band finished their last song. Afterwards the Lex Pareto Team and I decided to spend the next 45 minutes at Figaro coffee shop at The Walk to chit chat. Then we decided to call it a night and parted ways.

If you would like to know more on how to become a member of the Cebu Blogger’s Society visit our group website at

See you in our next blogging event !

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12 Responses to Cebu Blogger’s Society and the October 23 meet-up

  1. iggy says:

    Late Lagi ning [post nimo sir!! ehehehe

  2. zigfred says:

    Iggy: hehehe na busy man gud. 🙂

  3. ceblogger says:

    murag lingaw kaayo dah ang event.

  4. zigfred says:

    ceblogger: Yep, you guessed it right, lingaw gyud kaayo 🙂

  5. clarence says:

    aw, naa diay mu sa Figaro sir.
    Kami kay naa sa atbang, sa Da Vinci feeding our worms. hehehe

  6. tzay says:

    hmm mr zig, pwede makabuy sa blogger shirt even if im not a member of CBS?=))

  7. zigfred says:

    Clarence: Yep didto mi Figaro. Ha may pa ni-agi ko didto para maka bangka mo nako hehehehe

  8. zigfred says:

    tzay: Of course ! Pwedi kaayo buy t-shirt bisan di member pero mas cool og member ka diba ? hehehehe join na ! To place your T-shirts order click here:

  9. Hi Zigfred. Thank you for all the help in spreading the word about the event and bringing your friends too. I hope this will allow us to organize more activities pa in Cebu.

    P.S. I believe Wilson Ng and Wesley Chionbian will be in Manila this Wednesday. Pabili me ng CBS shirt! I’ll paypal to you! =) =)

  10. zigfred says:

    Janette: I sent you an email don’t know if you have received it. Sorry can’t send the t-shirt with Wesley kasi wala pa available. Pero pag available na I’ll send it to you just in time for Christmas 🙂 (Gift ko nalang sa iyo 🙂

  11. chlee says:

    Hi All,

    Would you mind if you can give me the url for Mr. Reroma- the CIT teacher. I’d like to read something if he had write ups (blog). Well, you might wondering I ask such, 🙂 his my former teacher also in CIT.

    Many thanks.

  12. zigfred says:

    Chlee: Hi ! Last time I met Mr. Reroma at the CBS meetup on October 23, 2008 he mentioned that he still does not have a blog. I don’t know if has already by now.

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