Google Chrome – Bringing an end or a new era in the browser wars ?

The headline in the information technology section of our local daily reads “Google sets off Internet browser war” I don’t agree with the headline. The internet browser war was started by Netscape and Microsoft and the war still continues until today. Now Google wants a piece of the action and is introducing a new web browser which they call “Google Chrome.”

The soon release of Google Chrome was not accompanied by a lot of bells and whistles but is sure to “shatter some lighting fixtures” in the offices of the beast from Redmond. According to Wikipedia “The beta for the Windows version is due to be released on 18:00 GMT, September 2, 2008 and Mac OS X and Linux versions are said to follow soon”

Google Chrome is a revolutionary new browser that could set the standards of future browser designs. Instead of just creating a fancier, faster and more secure browser, the design team thought out of the box and redesigned the browser to its very core, from the way it handles processes to the way it looks to the end user.

I can’t explain all the technical mumbo jumbo here although I understand some things they are talking about. It is best that you check out a comic book released by Google on the nuts and bolts of Google Chrome. By the way I love the comic book; it explained how Google Chrome works so plainly and simply. The best part I love about the comic book is this part explaining why they are realeasing the browser for free and as open source. (A friendly reminder again of telling the Big M – Don’t be evil)


I can’t describe in detail here why I believe Google Chrome will revolutionize the internet browser wars. However I believe the best way to describe the revolution that Google Chrome will bring can be likened to the time when the concept of the Graphical User Interface was introduced to a generation who was very used to the “command prompt” computing experience. When that happened, it revolutionized personal computing and brought it greater heights. Now with the introduction of Google Chrome, I am sure that the computing world will experience another leap forward and will probably bring a new era in the browser wars.

Kudos to the Google Chrome team!

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  1. SELaplana says:

    It’s another way for google to collect info about the users’ internet activities which can be used to enhance their system.

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