Youtube video of the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony

Beijing has certainly raised the standard when it comes to producing the opening ceremonies for the Olympics!

I watched the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony live via Dream Cable pay per view. I wished that I was in Beijing during that time. The Chinese has certainly proven that they are ready for the world! A combination of modern technology, traditional Chinese theater arts and choreography coupled with jaw dropping fireworks certainly made the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony a splendid success.

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There are reports that came out that some of the fireworks shown on television during the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony were computer generated. They are saying that it is a fake. But who cares? You don’t watch the MATRIX and then accuse the director that the actions of Keanu Reeves were computer generated. What’s important is that you watched a fantastic movie. Besides that is what entertainment is all about.

Now that the world has seen Beijing and the beauty of Chinese culture, this is sure to boost more tourism in this part of the world. Tourist should realize that the rest of the world has so much to offer than just the usual Vegas vacations.

For those of you who missed the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony here is the youtube video of the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony.

Here are some of the fireworks from the outside. The Fireworks were launched in several key areas in the City of Beijing:


Here are some pictures inside the “NEST” where the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony was being done:

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