How to make cash online by just surfing

Search engines make cash online in billions every year through advertisement. The ordinary users just like you and me contribute to their fortune, and yet they do not give anything back to us except for some lousy aesthetic upgrade to the search engine’s interface from time to time.

Enter SCOUR.COM a new kind of search engine that lets user make cash online while they surf. For every 6,500 plus searches you get $ 25.00. 12,500 equals $50, and 25,000 searches is equivalent to $100. You earn one point every time you search, two points for each vote and 3 points for each comment that you give. Every search you make helps you make cash online.

Not only that, you also earn extra points if you refer a friend to sign up. You are not only helping your friend make cash online, you are also getting an extra 25 % for of the points that your friend makes. The more your friend searches, the more you make cash online.

You not only make cash online, by using this search engine, you also get quality searches since SCOUR.COM combines the power of the three biggest search engines, Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Using SCOUR.COM also helps you give back to the internet community. This is achieved through voting and commenting. This feedback system will help adjust search result that can lead to the rise or fall in the ranking of web pages. The ultimate result will be that the search engines results will become more relevant to billions worldwide who will be searching for the same keyword.


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