Moymoy Palaboy makes it bigtime !

I have just been informed that Moymoy Palaboy was featured in GMA 7’s comedy show “Bubble Gang”.

Looks like they are now hitting the big screen and is on their way to stardom.

I first learned about Moymoy Palaboy through my brother in law. He showed me this funny duo who did some lip sync of several popular songs. The first time I looked at their video, I enjoyed the performance of the comical duo so much.

I blogged about Moymoy Palaboy last March 2008 in the post entitled: “Have a good laugh with this Volare yotube video” In this post they did their famous “Volare” Lip sync.

The best performance I have seen so far is their lip sync of “MARIMAR.” Check out the youtube video below and laugh yourself to death!

I would not be surprised that Moymoy Palaboy could very well become the next big hit not only in the Philippines but around the world perhaps. I believe that Filipinos are the best entertainers in the world. In fact one of youtube’s most subscribed channels belongs to the very popular Christine Gambito, a Filipino-American, who is now considered as an internet celebrity and one of the most popular video blogger in the world.


But in order to achieve this Moymoy Palaboy should further improve their work by upgrading their camera, (the quality of some of their videos are not so good) improving their props and costumes and improving their indoor lighting. They could also improve their content by doing musical stories and pantomimes rather than just lip syncing music.

Moymoy Palaboy still has a long way to go to stardom. But with hard work and perseverance I have not doubt in my mind that they will make it there. More Moymoy Palaboy videos to be featured here!

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