Latest weather forecast on typhoon Frank – soon to leave the country

After 48 hours of living back in the dark ages, I finally had the opportunity to open my emails, update my blog, check the news and do my usual stuff online. I just can’t imagine what it like is to live without the internet, not be able to take a bath for a day and not able to watch my favorite movie and T.V shows.

Typhoon Frank is exiting the Visayas, but is still disturbing the northern part of the country. We had about 48 hours of no electricity as a result of typhoon Frank. Our local Electric company (VECO) had to do a lot of repairs before electricity was restored.

But the fate I suffered could have been worse. I’m glad it was only limited to our lack of electricity. Sometimes I wish that I lived in a nice cool country where there are no storms (Unfortunately there is snow and I have engage in a back breaking routine to shovel the snow and use tire chains in my car)

My heart goes out to our kababayans who has suffered much because of the devastation brought about by typhoon Frank. I extend my heartfelt condolences to those who lost their loved ones. More than 229 people ended up dead and 700 are still missing. (A passenger boat capsized somewhere in Romblon)


Now that typhoon Frank is almost gone, we can go about our daily routines as usual. Inasmuch as we hate typhoon Frank for the devastation it brought our country we can still learn a lesson from the experience that there is always the “calm after the storm.” That calmness always signifies that despite the tragedies we sometimes face in life, we can always start anew. Bye Bye Typhoon Frank

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