Is LASIK laser eye surgery for me ?

I’ve been wearing glasses since I was 9 years old. I believe it was in the late 1990s when eye laser surgery was introduced in our country. Later on the popular LASIK procedure in laser eye surgery was introduced.

I wanted to get a laser surgery, not because I don’t believe glasses are cool. In fact wearing glasses today looks cooler than it was when I was still a teenager. Before when you wear glasses, it is said that you don’t fit and you are typically labeled as the dork or the geek next door. (Although I never minded it. I was never conscious of being with the “in” crowd. I always had my identity intact)

But now that geeks gave us much of the cool hi-tech and electronic stuff that we enjoy today, being a geek is just so cool. (Not to mention that geeks today are the world’s richest people) Besides most people think that people who wear glasses must be very studious. (They forget the fact that some people wear them because their eyes got destroyed by watching to much television or spending too much time pounding on their computer eager to win a 12 hour counter strike competition)

The reason I wanted to get laser eye surgery is because most of the times my glasses limit me to do stuff that I like to do. For example, I will have a hard time playing most sports because of my glasses. I also cannot enjoy the beauty of the scenery of the beach when I go swimming because I can’t see clearly. (Now I am not talking about the scenery you have in mind. .. naughty naughty naughty)

I told my mother (who happens to be a medical doctor) about it. However she objected to it. She said that there is still no long term study conducted on laser eye surgery and the percentage of long term complications might still be too high.


She was right. During that time, laser eye surgery is still at its infancy so to speak. When you talk about surgery there are always complications. LASIK is not free of complications. The good news is that the rate of complication has lowered as the years went by. Now they say that the amount of long term complications is less than half a percent. I hope that in the years to come the amount of long term complications will drop much more lower, probably by that time I will avail of the procedure. (Hopefully the cost of the surgery will drop too!)

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