Is drinking red wine really good for your health?

Before, they use to say “An apple a day keeps the doctors away.” Now it’s “A glass of     wine keeps the doctors away.”

Medical journals, the media and even some wine companies have been carrying this “good news” to wine lovers. The news is true. In fact for the last 5000 years, wine has been used medically to treat people. It has been used as an antiseptic, as a tranquilizer or sedative, and as a hypnotic. But before you start popping the cork and stocking your wine rack with the finest wine that money can buy, consider the following first:

1.) Take note, that what has been studied to be medically beneficial is not just any wine. Specifically, it is drinking red wine that is really good for your health. – The reason for such is that red wine red wine is made using the skin and seeds of the grapes. Among all the other wines, Red wine contains the highest concentration of anti-oxidants which helps fight off cancer. It also contains “Resveratrol” which keeps your arteries clear of plaque thereby reducing the risk of having heart disease.

2.) You should only drink two standard glasses of wine a day. – Drinking red wine beyond two glasses increases the risk for high blood pressure, potential damage to the heart, liver, kidneys and brain.

3.) The more expensive the red wine, the more antioxidants and Resveratrol it contains. – The reason for this is because the more expensive red wines, the richer the fruit it contains.


4.) Drinking red wine compounded with exercise produces more health benefits – A study referred to in a recent Times magazine issue reveals that “people who don’t drink at all and don’t exercise had the highest risk of heart disease. People who drink moderately and exercise had a 50% lower risk. People who exercised but did not drink wine had a 30% decreased risk, as did moderately drinking couch potatoes.”

5.) Consider your age and other health issues before you start drinking red wine – The same study referred to in Time magazine indicated that alcohol does not do “any coronary good until you reach the age at which heart disease becomes an appreciable risk.” The Researchers of the study further continues that there is absolutely no proof of a preventative and protective effect before age 45. Drinking red wine even in moderation is also not advisable for younger women who have a higher risk of breast cancer and those who have a history of family alcoholism.

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2 Responses to Is drinking red wine really good for your health?

  1. I make a rule of having a couple of glasses of wine a night whenever the budget allows it. Wine unfortunately is still considerably more expensive than gasoline, though I’m not sure what the anti-aging properties of a mouthfull of gas would be. Seriously, I take my free-radical fighting vitamins, my wine, my peanut butter, my grren tea and feel absolutely terrific. I’m only 42 but I know a lot of guys my age that never seem to have much energy and I know it’s due to their diets.


  2. zigfred says:

    Bruce: That’s great ! Wish I will be of the same health as you when I reach that age. Cheers !

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