Lex Pareto Notes now available in all National Bookstores nationwide !!!

The other day I got a long distance call from our publisher. She gave me a good news. She informed me that our book, the Lex Pareto Notes is now available in National Bookstores nationwide !!!

As soon as I heard the news, I waited for several days since I considered that it will take some time for them to ship it to their branches. However after 3 days somebody informed me that the Lex Pareto Notes was already available in the National Bookstore in Ayala Cebu.

In the following days, I received calls from law students asking me when will volume 1 be made available. They also informed me that they came across the Lex Pareto Notes in the National Bookstore branches.  By the way I have already mailed the script for volume 1 to our publisher. I estimate that it will be made available sometime in Late June or early July this year. (2008)

I went to Ayala to see for myself. I browsed over the stack of textbooks and after seeing our book displayed, I was so proud and happy to see our book there !  (Iyang may hawak sa libro si Piolo Pascual iyan nong mataba pa siya hehehehehe)

I’ve heard from other authors that before a book gets displayed at the National bookstore, it must go through a book screening commitee in order to determine if such book is really “worthy” to be carried by National bookstore. Among the factors considered are the book’s content and popularity. Having your book displayed at the National bookstore is really something. It will give your book more exposure since the National Bookstore is the biggest bookstore chain in the country.  I consider this another milestone that our book has achieved.

If you want to know more about the Lex Pareto Notes, it’s a 4 volume law reviewer for the Philippine Bar exams. You can visit our new site at www.lexparetonotes.blogspot.com. The site is not yet 100 % finished, but there are already some content. (You can visit our old site before I shut it down at www.lexparetonotes.8m.com, don’t forget to sign in our guest book)


Special thanks to Prof. Abelardo Domondon and his wife for making all of this possible. I would also like to extend my thanks to his nephew, Leon Valdez for helping us market the Lex Pareto Notes in the law schools.

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15 Responses to Lex Pareto Notes now available in all National Bookstores nationwide !!!

  1. i never thought your from cebu.. 🙂 .. I was like very reluctant of approaching you last night (cebu e-commerce meet up).. a

  2. zigfred says:

    Rodelio: You were there ? That’s good. I met a lot of people but I never met members of the Cebu Bloggers Society. (Except Iggy who used to be my student) We’ll meet sometime when we’ll have our CBS summit.

  3. Christopher says:

    With all due respect, I’m sure your book is very good, but when you post on a blog you really need to check your post for basic spelling and grammar as it can reflect very poorly on your work and turn people off. For example, “She gave me a good news” is incorrect usage of the particle “a” and really should read as “She game me some good news.”

    Also, “I waited for several days since I considered that it will take some time for them to ship it to their branches” is awkward phrasing and would come across as strange to most Americans. You don’t “consider” that something will take some time, you “took into consideration” or “you assumed” makes much more sense.

  4. zigfred says:

    Christopher:Thank you for your comment

    I do not believe I have improperly used the determiner “a”. (By the way it is called a determiner not a participle. More specifically the determiner “a” is called an indefinite article) There are only a few rules governing the usage of the determiner “a” and the main general rule is that it is used before a singular noun, or before the adjective that represents the noun. They cannot be used with plural nouns or uncountable nouns. It is also used before words beginning with a consonant.

    “news” is a singular noun, hence it is proper to use the determiner “a” to refer to such.

    With regards to my usage of the word “considered,” it may sound strange and akward to you, but I believe I have used it correctly. One of the main meaning of the word “considered ” is “To think carefully about.” What I am saying is that “I waited for several days since I “thought carefully” that it will take some time for them to ship it to their branches.”

    With all due respect, I do not know what is your basis in correcting my grammar. I am not saying that my grammar is perfect. I am willing to be corrected with regards to my grammer if the one who is correcting me will properly show me the basis for his

  5. mark says:

    Saan ko po matatagpuan dito sa Metro Manila ang Volume 1 ng LEX Pareto Notes? Kasi po wala pa po sa Conanan Bookstore, thanks po.

  6. zigfred says:

    Mark: Volume 1 is still being printed by the publisher. It will be available in Cunanan and in all National bookstores within this month. Try calling Cunanan if it is already available they told me na malapit na matapos.

  7. mark says:

    thanks for the info

  8. peter says:

    at exactly what branch of National can i get hold of your book? i’ve been at NAtional Recto and they said that they dont have the book… tnx

  9. zigfred says:

    Peter: If it is not available in National Recto try nalang Cunanan bookstore in Recto they are our printers and distributor. For directions visit http://www.lexparetonotes.blogspot.com

  10. CarloBLogg says:

    hi there sir zigfried!I planned on buying your book (Lex Pareto) in SM Manila; I never thought that this blog’s author is one of the persons behind that book, haha.
    Keep up the good work sir, I really find your book (not to mention, your blog too) very interesting.
    Keep us updated with your book sir!

    Godbless! 😀

  11. zigfred says:

    Carlo: Thanks for your support of the Lex Pareto Notes and for this blog 🙂 More power to your blog as well !

  12. Jomar says:

    Is it possible for me to order the book and have it mailed door-to-door. The problem is that the two National Bookstore branches in Iloilo do not sell your books. I am looking forward to your reply.

  13. zigfred says:

    Jomar: Panero, I already sent details on how we can mail you the Lex PAreto Notes. Did you get our email ? Please check your yahoo email as it might be in the spam folder. Let me know if it is still not there and I will send you an email again. Thanks.

  14. Christine says:

    I want to order lex pareto notes Volume I, II, and III cause only Vol. IV is available in Conanan and also the National Bookstore here in Baguio. I sent an earlier mail to lexparetonotes@gmail.com but haven’t received any feedback. please send me details on payment and delivery. Thanks!

  15. zigfred says:

    Christine: Sorry for the late response, I just recently responded to your email.

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