Counting Cards in Vegas?

In my previous posts entitled “Increasing your online income through counting cards” I talked about how they keyword “counting cards” could be exploited to boosts your traffic and in return boosts your online income.

But instead of exploiting the “counting cards” keywords, you want to play your luck at the real blackjack instead so plan your Las Vegas travel and hit the road.

Unfortunately you end up loosing a lot of money so you decided that you just couldn’t figure out the counting cards methods used by the MIT blackjack team or that you aren’t just as smart as them so you decided to pack your bags and go home.

But wait, before you do, set aside the counting cards mania for a while and get to enjoy Las Vegas. Although “Sin City” is known primarily for it’s debauchery and gambling, there are other sites to see such as several art galleries, museums, riding a Gondola, seeing fountain sculpture comes to life, eating the world’s largest hot dog, strolling over a simulated changing sky, and seeing the magnificent sunrise over the desert among many other crazy things you can do over there.


So next time you go to Sin City to engage in counting cards why not count the many wonderful sites and experiences that the other side of Las Vegas has to offer. You’ll find that it is indeed more fun than counting cards in blackjack.

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