Blog Performance review – April 2008

This blog is now 5 months old ! As you all know, I always give out a blog performance review (This is not your regular noxycut reviews rel=”nofollow”) at the end of each month. So here are my top 10 posts for the month of April:

1.) My Asus EeePC experience – Ready for this latest laptop (Or should I say sub-notebook) craze? Read more and decide for yourself if you should get one.

2.) Who is DJ Montano and Brian Gorrell and why you should get to know them – These two fellows have been making some news recently. Getting to know them might be able to help you make some money

3.) More money saving tips – Liked my previous tips on how to make save money? Check out more cool money saving tips.

4.) Do high trend low density “misspelled” keywords bring you lots of traffic ? – Bloggers has been optimizing mispelled keywords to make more money. But do they really help you make more money ? Find out more. I would also appreciate it if you would give your comment with regards to your experience on this.

5.) Bohol Escapade ! – Details our short adventure to the to the City of Friendship – Tagbilaran City.

6.) Dumaguete City escapade ! – A 3 day stay at the City of Gentle people – Dumaguete City.

7.) Is Jun Lozada really helping the country – There are always two sides to a story. Be more open minded find out of Jun Lozada is really helping the country with his exposes.

8.) Making the most out of your bar exams review  – Part 1 – If you are a bar candidate then you should really read this post.


9.) Where we spent our Holy week (2008) – Looking for a good place to stay away for a while from the hustles and bustles of city life without riding a plane or a boat ? You might consider this hidden paradise where we spent our holy week. 

10.) A step by step guide on how to optimize high trend-low density keywords – Giving away a not so secret Search Engine Optimization startegy.

This blog has maintained its P.R 2 ranking. I hope Google does a P.R ranking revision soon. I believe I may be qualified for a P.R 3. I don’t know if my rankings will increase, but I hope it will. My goal was 16,000 views by the end of April 2008 (See my post “1st quarter 2008 – Blog performance review“), unfortunately I fell short by almost 1,000. Total views by the end of April 2008 reached15,270. Although I did not reach my goal, I am still happy that the number of viewers has increased by 5,000.

Goal for the month of May 2008 will be another 5,000 views which would hopefully bring the total views to 20,000 views (Since inception)

The month of April marked the first time I did only 3 posts per week. However there are times that I will post on Tuesdays, Thursdays and on the weekends. I have dedicated these times to do some reviews in order to further exploit my blog’s monetary potential. If I am not doing a review, I will be doing stuff to further enhance this blog’s traffic.

So continue to drop by and enjoy this blog !

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