Who is DJ Montano and Brian Gorrell and why you should get to know them

You’ve probably heard about Ceasar Montano (Famous Philippine actor & film director) and several other famous Montanos who are politicians, actors, singers, directors and T.V personalities both here and abroad.

But who the heck is DJ Montano ?

“DJ” is short for Delfin Justiniano. That’s his real name. I won’t tell you who he is, I’ll leave the research up to you.

And who is Brian Gorrell ? Again the research will be left to you so I won’t spoil the fun.

But I’ll tell you why you should get to know these people.

“Brian Gorrel” and “DJ Montano” are both HITLOD keywords ! (To know what is HITLOD, check out the post entitled “Do high trend low density “misspelled” keywords bring you lots of traffic?”)

Look at the graphs for both “Brian Gorrell” (Whether spelled with a single or double “L”, both shows up in Google trends) and “DJ Montano” in Google trends. This shows us that these two key words are indeed high traffic keywords.



“Brian Gorrell” has only been referenced in 247,000 sites as of the date of this writing and “DJ Montano” is referenced in only 355,000 sites. This makes both keywords a perfect low density keyword.

I’ll probably write more about this true-to-life soap opera drama between these two in future posts not only because they are perfect HITLOD keywords but because the issues between those two has, as wikipedia puts it “ . . tested Philippine and Australian online libel laws, and raised questions about the extent of freedom of speech in blogging.”

Now are you interested to know more about the issues between these two people? Do your research, drop me a comment and tell me what you think!

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