Do high trend low density “misspelled” keywords bring you lots of traffic ?

Veteran bloggers who have mastered the art of Search engine optimization (SEO) will tell you that one way of driving traffic into your blog is by optimizing “high-trend, low density keywords.” or what I call as HTLD or HITLOD.

The definition of “high trend-low density” keywords has been discussed extensively in my previous posts such as – “googol – googel” “Mr Bean” and “Pinay scandal

In my own humble opinion, not all HTLD keywords can bring traffic to your site. There are certain keywords that may be classified as HTLD but they may not bring you traffic. An example of this is misspelled keywords.

Some bloggers have been optimizing misspelled keywords and I don’t know if this has been bringing them traffic and if it does bring traffic, does it bring them lots of it. The proper question that should be also asked is, is it worth it ?

Examples of HTLD mispelled keywords are misspellings of the words friendster (Freindster) youtube (yotube), Viideo (vedio), quotes (qoutes) among others.

The reason why I believe optimizing this keyword will not be worth it is because when you enter such keywords into Google, it gives you the exact spelling of the word and ask this question “Did you mean _________”.


It is quite obvious that when users accidentally enters a misspelled word they never intended to search for the misspelled word. So when Google gives them the correct spelling of the word and ask if what they mean is such and such a word, then most likely they will go for the proper spelling and Google reveals to them another set of websites that contains the proper spelling of the word. So instead of going to your site which contains the misspelled word they will go to the site which contains the right spelling of the words.

Take note that this is only my humble opinion as I have not experimented with this so extensively that is why I need the comments of veteran bloggers who have optimized misspelled keywords. So if you have done this yourself and this has been bringing you lots of traffic please correct me in my assumption.


Also I have another question about a particular “misspelled” keyword which until now I could not understand why it is an HTLD keyword. That word is the word “googel.” I can understand if “Googol” will be searched so extensively considering that it is a mathematical term. But why would “googel” become an HTLD ? It makes no sense that a user will accidentally search for”Google” and accidentally spells “Googel” and enters it into Google’s own search engine. In short what I am saying is why would a user search for Google itself when he is already in Google’s own search page ?

Some might explain that the reason for this is that the users are searching for “Google” the company . In doing their search, they just misspelled it when they entered it in Google’s search engine box.

However, why would users search for information on “Google” in the search engine entry box when in the Google search engine page itself they can click on “About us” and they will be provided with information about Google itself.


Again the explanation about this is probably most users do not know this or that they are just too lazy to look around the Google search page that is why they have to go into all the trouble of typing “Google” and misspelling it.

I could be wrong with my assumptions, drop me a comment and tell me what you think.

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3 Responses to Do high trend low density “misspelled” keywords bring you lots of traffic ?

  1. marhgil says:

    Hi! Based on my experience, misspelled keywords such as vedio, qoutes and yotube did bring a lot of traffic to me when my blog was on the first page. (too bad, it’s no longer there.) Despite the fact that Google have the “did you mean” feature, most searcher still scan the search result first. Maybe because most of them are coming from non-English speaking countries, so, they don’t really have a clue whether vedio or video is the correct spelling. I know someone who optimized for “new year qoutes” last year who earned a lot last December 31 because of that keyword.

    Regarding googel being searched on Google, I don’t have a clue either. But it is also sending traffic to my blog.

  2. zigfred says:

    marghil: Ok. If it brought you traffic than at least my question about this issue has been answered. I started optimizing mispelled words, but I stopped doing it because I thought it would not be worth it. But at least you helped dispel my doubts by sharing your experience.

  3. jehzlau says:

    I agree with marhgil. It brings traffic and a few cents of revenue. 😀 hehe.

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