Bohol Escapade !

Cebu City has currently 6 bar review centers. Of all the bar review centers, I believe we are the ones that has a very strong and intensive marketing program. We have utilized almost every form of marketing medium available. We have posted posters and distributed flyers in courts, study centers and law schools. We have utilized the radio and released press releases in newspapers. We are even contacting our own alumni to promote Jurists Bar Review Center. I just hope that our efforts may translate into more enrollments, considering that we are the new kid on the block and the competition to get bar reviewees is so stiff.

Now that we have saturated Cebu City and Dumaguete City, (The Jurists Bar Review administration from Manila has saturated the nearby islands of Samar, Leyte and most of northern Mindanao) it was time for us to take our marketing efforts to the nearby island of Bohol, specifically in it’s capital city, Tagbilaran City.


Bohol is famous for its ecotourism and rich traditional and deeply religious culture. The capital of Bohol, Tagbilaran City is known as the “City of friendship.” There are several ways of going to Tagbilaran City. Most people take the fast craft which is only 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Together with 2 of my Lex Pareto team members, Ma. Salud Barillo and Nolito Dayanan which are also products and coordinators of Jurists Bar Review Center, we set out to conquer Bohol.

We took the 7:30 a.m. Supercat which is by my standards the fastest and the most luxurious way of traveling to Bohol. Seats in the Supercat are bigger and has a food tray. The entertainment system was surround sound and a movie was shown on a flat T.V screen.

After more than 30 minutes of travel we were surprised that the Supercat started to slow down and head back. It was later on announced that one of the engines has failed and we have to back to port otherwise we would arrive in Bohol by 12 p.m. The passengers were hysteric. Some of them still have early appointments in Bohol. We were one of those who were trying to beat the time since we do not plan to stay overnight. We wanted to be there early so that we could do what we were suppose to do and take the last boat from Bohol to Cebu.

Fortunately the Supercat management was very proactive. When we arrived back at the Cebu port they already got a ticket for us for another “fastcraft” that will be leaving in the next 5 minutes. We rushed to the “WEESAM” terminal next door and just made it in time. The travel time to Bohol on Weesam is more or less the same as that of Supercat however the seats were small and cramped plus the entertainment system was not so great. We could not hear the sound as it was drowned out by the engine noise. Add to the fact that the T.V screens were so small that we decided to just sleep.

At around 11 a.m. we finally arrived at Bohol. The first thing I noticed was that the sea port waters was very clean. Not yet so polluted and dirty as that of Cebu. We asked a tricycle to drive us to JJ’s. My wife told me that when I arrive at Bohol, we should eat lunch at JJ’s dimsum. She told me that I should order the “Patatim”, a Filipino delicacy made from pork legs and cooked until it was so soft served with great sauce and with fried bread. Aside from that JJ’s has other delicious meals to offer. We did exactly just that and we had a very sumptuous lunch. What’s great about it is that the price is very cheap. We only spend P 700+ for that very delicious lunch for three people.

After lunch, it was time to go to work. So we took the tricycle and went to the College of law at the University of Bohol. We posted a poster and gave out flyers there. They informed us that they have 7 graduating students. Since the college of law of the Bohol Institute of Technology was only a walking distance we just walked there and gave out posters and flyers. We realized that Tagbilaran City is quite a small city so we just walked all the way to the third law school, the college of law at Holy name University formerly known as Divine Word College. They had close to 20 law graduates.

After the law schools our next target were government offices. We already posted a poster at the Department of Labor so it was time to go to the provincial government offices since it was only a walking distance from Holy Name University. We noticed that there was a nearby museum so we decided to take break and experience the rich culture of Bohol by visiting its past.



The Tagbilaran City museum is small but it houses precious artifacts from Bohol’s past. Stuffed animals and preserved flora and fauna that can be found in Bohol island are preserved there. A scientific presentation on how supposedly the world famous “Chocolate Hills” of Bohol was formed was described in great detail. There were also some artifacts from the ancient people of Bohol. The remains of a 500 year old Boholana is showcased there with some old caskets, tools, pottery, plates, kitchen utensils, farms tools and tools used for sewing. Other interesting exhibits were details on how one of Bohol’s specialty the “ube” is used to make great delicacies.

We then proceeded to the next door Provincial capital the main entrance of which is housed in a building dated during the Spanish times. You can see the old stones that were used in building the place. I always have a penchant for history, archeology and things that are old. We posted several posters in several key areas in the provincial Capitol.

Our next mission was to post at the City hall. We were informed that Tagbilaran City has a new City hall located at the outskirts of the City. When we arrived there we were impressed at their new city hall. It was very spacious, had very high ceilings and was quite organized. We did what we have to do there until finally it was time to go home.

Before we proceeded to the pier we bought some Bohol delicacies. Bohol is famous for several sweet delicacies such as “Kalamay,” a sticky, delicacy that has nuts, made from coconut and usually placed in a coconut shell. Bohol is also quite famous for it’s peanut kisses and other peanut products. They are also famous for other delicacies made from “ube.”

Finally it was time for us to leave. We took the 5 p.m. Weesam and then sailed back to Cebu. I just had my car parked at the terminal parking area so we had no problems grabing a cab or asking somebody to fetch us from the pier.

Tagbilaran City is a great place to get away. When thinking about going someplace else for leisure, most people always think about going to the malls. Instead of going to the malls I would suggest to take a day trip to Bohol just like what we did, it might prove to be refreshing.

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  1. iggy says:

    yahaya ninyu sir oi!!! pilay pliti adung did2?? hehehe

  2. bugITs says:

    WOW! galing! wala pa ko kaadto Bohol! aheh

  3. zigfred says:

    Iggy & Bugits: Fare is very cheap. Oceanjet has an ongoing promo. I think P 500.00 back and forth. If you have P 1,000.00, you can spend the day there.

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