Word press plugin caused the suspension of my blog ?

For those of you who are consistently following this blog, you might be wondering why I have not entered a single posts for this week. I had been consistently writing one post per day for the past 3 months. Just last month I have decided not to blog on weekends.

I had articles scheduled to be posted this week. Unfortunately, my hosting company’s server had technical problems, so my blog was inaccessible for more than a day. What is worse is that all of my advance posts have been deleted and what is left is the last post I wrote last week.

Finally my blog came back up for several hours. I started to reposts my advance posts and the suddenly I was informed that my account was suspended. So far the past 3 or 4 days I was corresponding with the technical support people of my hosting company on why my blog was suspended.

I submitted a support ticket at Voda support they then replied with this email:

“The reason your site was suspend is because it violated clause 10a of the terms of agreement. (There are several stuff written there)Your account spiked the server at 29.49% of CPU usage and triggered a fail safe auto suspend. We have 500 accounts on each server. We can not have one account using 29.49% of server CPU.Your suspension has nothing to do with bandwidth or disk space usage.Your suspension is purely based on cpu abuse. What EXACTLY are you doing? What scripts are you running?”

I wrote back and told them I am only running wordpress and the latest plugin I installed was “wp-directory”, a word press plugin that allows me to run a “directory” in wordpress.To my delight, after 24 hours they re-act activated my blog. They emailed me back an asked me to remove the plugin. I did just that. I just hope there will be no more problems in the future.


I am not really sure if this plugin caused my account to be suspended. If you have any thoughts on this, drop me a comment.

Although a lost a little bit of income through ads I consider this recent event as a blessing in disguise. I had been so busy lately and I guess this unfortunate event is just timely as it sort of gave me a “break” to catch up with my other duties and responsibilities. I had to prepare for two court hearings this week plus I have to check a lot of test papers and make grades for the students in the two schools that I am currently teaching in. I also did two out of town travels to promote Jurists Bar Review. We are aggressively promoting Jurists bar review center – Cebu since review classes is about to start. I am also “pressured” to finish Volume I of our book, the Lex Pareto Notes, since bar exams is 7 months away and law students are expecting to have the all the volumes completed before the bar exams.

In order to cope up with my other responsibilities, I have decided take a “blog break” and resume my blogging activities on April 7, 2008. For sure this will give me enough time to finish my book and other unfinished business as well. However if I get to finish my other concerns before the above mentioned date, I will start wearing my “blogger” hat again. So see you all soon !

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4 Responses to Word press plugin caused the suspension of my blog ?


    i AM MIGRATING THAT WAY from godaddy to WP in a few months, so tips like this are always appreciated

    John Bougearel

  2. zigfred says:

    John: Great ! You will really like Word Press. Keep coming back for more tips. Check out my “Word Press tips” in the categories section. If you have any other questions about Word Press, let me know.

  3. Crystal says:

    Wow you certainly ARE busy. Teaching and going to court? Crazy schedule right there.

    I was first gonna say could it be that one of your posts got picked up by Stumbleupon or Digg? But since it’s not related to bandwidth, I really think it’s 1) a malware on the site 2) the hosting company’s internal problem. Good luck! I hated it when my posts get deleted.

  4. zigfred says:

    Crystal: Yep. Unfortunately I live a crazy life. hehehehehe . . . I agree, probably a malware or the hosting comany’s internal problem because the problem occured after their server went down. So it could most likely be related.

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