Long wait finally over – 2007 Bar exam results released !

Yesterday (Saturday) was probably the longest day ever for my friend. At last the bar exam results was released. Sadly she was not included among those who made it.

I did not know how to comfort her. No amount of words can try to ease the pain. Preparing for the Philippine bar exams is no joke. The physical and mental torture is unbearable. The waiting period is often times more agonizing than preparing for or taking the actual exam itself.

Truly the 2007 bar exams is among the hardest if not the most hardest in Philippine bar exams history. The exam results was supposed to be released last Friday. (See my previous post entitled Bar Exams 2007 to be released by Friday or Saturday) However because of the low passing rate, the Philippine Supreme Court has decided to postpone the announcement of those who passed. They deliberated on the matter and the fate of more than 5,000 candidates hanged in the balance as it was decided within the hallowed chambers of the highest court of the land.

Reports stated that only 5 % of the examinees initially passed. That is only about 281 out of the 5,626 aspirants. But because of the “unusually strict” correction process, the Supreme Court decided to lower the passing average by adjusting the passing rate from 75 percent to 70 percent. The disqualification rate in three subjects (Civil, Labor and criminal law) was also adjusted from 50 percent to 45 percent. Thus a total of 22.91 % or 1,289 were considered as having passed the bar exams

Adjustments in the passing average is not an uncommon practice. In fact it has been done several times by the Supreme Court. However this has not been done for the past 7 years. Correct me if I am wrong on this but to my knowledge this is the biggest adjustment ever made.

For those of you who passed the 2007 bar exams, congratulations !

However for those of you who did not pass, if there is any consolation, let me tell you a story that was sent to me via sms. I shared this also with my friend who did not make it. I hope you will find comfort in this short story:


A sailor was stuck in an island where he was the only survior. He made a hut for his shelter . Day and night he prayed that he would be rescued.Since no one came to rescue him, he decided to store food in order to survive. But one day his hut burned down and together with it his food supplies.  He was so angry and started blaming God. He could not believe God would give him such misfortunes.The next day to his suprise, rescuers came to get him. He asked the rescuers how they knew he that he was there in the island. The rescuers replied “We saw the smoke signal.”

The lesson of the story is quite obvious. When misfortune happens, always trusts God. His plans are always greater than yours. Remember that “All things work together for good to them that love God and to them who are called according to his purpose.” – Romans 8:28

To my friend and to all of you who did not make it this year to the Philippine bar, let me leave you with my own quote. “In life, sometimes we win, sometimes we loose. It does not matter whether we win or loose. What matters most is that we keep on playing”

Keep on fighting. Don’t give up ! Put the 2007 bar exams behind you. Six months more to go for the 2008 bar exams !

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2 Responses to Long wait finally over – 2007 Bar exam results released !

  1. salud says:

    bro, thank you for the comforting words. continue to share and inspire others with your God-given wisdom. God bless…..go,go,go bro spread the word as God leads you to. we are working unto the Lord not of men. thank you very much for the inspiration. as for me, i’ll keep on moving with the grace of God. 🙂

  2. zigfred says:

    Salud: Bro, you have all our support and prayers. Keep on, keeping on !

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