How to put ads in between your blog post in Word press

As I do my usual blog hopping, I try to emulate the good things that other bloggers do to improve their blog. I noticed that in some blogs, ads were strategically placed within the post in small square boxes. Logically if the ads were placed within the post itself people are most likely to click on the ad especially if it is relevant and related to the post that they are reading. This helps the blogger learn additional income especially when they are displaying adsense ads.

I wanted to achieve this effect but I did not know how. I did not want to “hack” my way into my word press theme since I am no word press expert and I don’t want to get into the hassle of “crashing” my wordpress theme.

So I decided that a plugin is the best solution to this problem. I was sure that there is already somebody out there who has developed a solution to this problem.

Ask and it shall be given, seek and ye shall find, yep, I found out the right plugin to achieve what I was looking for. Let the drums start rolling . . . Tadah !!! “SHYLOCK ADSENSE PLUGIN”

However before I start “exalting the virtues” of this plugin I want to inform you that this plugin can be used to place html ad codes for anything not just for adsense. (Although the author named the plugin “adsense” plugin) I used this to put TTZ Media codes.

To quote from the plugin creator “Shylock Adsense is a WordPress plugin that allows you to insert Adsense ads on your blog without modifying the template. More then that, you can set it up to show different Adsense ads for articles older then X days (x is the number of days you decide).For example, you can insert a 468×60 ad at the bottom of a new article, and once that article turns 7 days old it will have a more aggressive 336×280 ad blended with the text from the beginning of that article.This way your regular readers will not be bothered by your ads, while visitors coming to older posts from search engines or other sources, will see a version that is monetized better.

Another feature is the ability to have articles without ads inserted in them, very useful for payed reviews, where you might not be allowed to have ads (I think it’s the case with PayPerPost).”



The plugin is so easy to use. Just copy it to your wordpress plugin folder in your host, activate it, placed your ad codes and off you go !

For more information on how to install and where to download the Shylock Adsense Plugin go to the plugin creator’s site.

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