Top Ten posts for 2007 and blog year end review.

It took me several days to decide what I should blog about today, considering that this is the last day of the year. Since I blog in advance, I have time to think about what I am going to write about. I usually try to reconcile my blog schedule with the happenings of a certain day, but I just couldn’t up with something about technology and the last day of the year. I tried a year end review on technology but I only finished half of the article, I didn’t feel like continuing it.

After reading several posts from my favorite bloggers, some of them gave me an idea. Some of the featured their top ten posts for the year.

Although this blog is barely a month old, I have also decided to feature my top ten posts for 2007. This is based on the number of views. I believe this is the way to close this year. I am also including a comment as to why I believe this has been very popular with the readers. If you haven’t read these posts, you should. You might discover other reasons why they are so popular with my readers. So here are my top ten posts for the year. (Technically just for the month of December and the last 2 weeks of November)

1.) My top Word press Christmas theme picks – 159

I believe this post became very popular when my “Secret blogging Santa” bookmarked this in Stumble upon. That day, I got the highest traffic for my site. The Secret blogging Santa contest was launched by the blogsite, Winning the Web. All of us who joined that event was to be a blogging santa to somebody assigned to us. We were to do some “good things” to our assigned person sites. Good things such as adding comments, bookmarking the blog, helping direct traffic to the blog etc. I’m so blessed that my blogging santa exactly did all of that for me. I did not know if I increased the traffic of the person I was assigned to. But I did my best to do exactly as told. Want to know who my secret blogging Santa is ? You’ll have to do some research and find out.

2.) Blue Ocean Strategy . . . The future trend of business strategy – 22

This is my best post in so far as writing and research is concerned. I believe that people read this post because of the depth of the post content and the relevance of the topic today. I also posted this article in several article submission site.

3.) Recommended books for the Philippine bar – 16

I have already forseen that this post will become popular since I got a lot of inquiries from several law students that I should posts my suggested review books for the Philippine bar exams.

4.) 6 Steps to Financial Freedom – 14

This is a good one. Perhaps this has become popular because of the relevancy of the topic. This one is also posted in several article submission site.

5.) The Controversial Prayer of Repentance – 14

When people see “controversial”, they are most likely to click on it. The content of the post is also good, in makes you consider and repent of your ways.

6.) Why you should use the Opera browser – 13


60 to 70 % of the world uses internet explorer. A guess a lot of people were intrigued what Opera is all about.

7.) 10 Reasons why I love Jurists bar review – 13

One of my best written post. Most likely this topic has been read mostly by law students.

8.) The frustrated interior designer – 12

The thing about this post is that it is probably my only post for this year with lots of pictures. A picture speaks a thousand words, hence it made it to the top 10.

9.) The world’s best investment -12

Who wouldn’t like to invest in the world’s best investment with the highest rate of return ? Read this and you will found out why it made it to the top ten. Perhaps you might consider investing after you read this post.

10.) The Top 10 Richest Filipino of 2007 -11

Who wouldn’t want to get rich ? Most of the viewers of this post came to the site through the search engines.

I closed the year with 44 posts and 29 comments, contained within 9 categories. This blog had a total of 1,218 viewers from more than 15 countries. My best day ever was, Monday, December 24, 2007 with at total of 267 views. I hope and pray that this statistics will double by next month and will grow exponentially in the months to come.

I did not fail to post for a day and I have always maintained my pace of writing a week in advance. There may be times that I lagged behind but the worst record is two days advance. I guess this record is not bad for a blog barely a month old and a blogger who only does this for about 2 to 3 hours a day.

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