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This article was written by my friend Jon Ramos one of the few registered financial planners (RFC) based in Cebu and one of the best among the RFCs in Cebu. His company Premier Asia is engaged in Financial planning among other things. Read his article or visit his website to learn more about their services. You can also contact him in the contact numbers below.

Corporate Financial Planning
by: Jon A. Ramos, RFC

In today’s competitive business environment, business owners face countless operational challenges and focus much time and effort in conceiving detailed business plans to grow and sustain sales and revenues in order to ensure survival for their business ventures. Notwithstanding all the meticulous preparation, business owners often overlook the most important and critical aspect of business planning, that is corporate financial planning.

Corporate financial planning is a highly complex and dynamic process, often requiring sound knowledge in a number of specialized areas in laws, accounting, investments, employee benefits, knowing life insurance quotes and etc. Hence, it will be near impossible for business owners to perform the entire planning function alone without the advice of financial advisors who have been specially trained in the financial planning process.

At Premier, financial planning experts design financial strategies and assist personal and corporate accounts in making planning decisions that, when implemented will help achieve goals and foremost discover where you are and where you want to go and how you can get at your destination.

The Difference

There are number of advantages to working with Premier Consultants:

Premier is integrated with various professional affiliates such as but not limited to; Accountants, Financial Consultants, Attorneys, Tax Consultants, Marketing & Business Consultants, Real Estate experts together infused in one consulting firm that collaborates in crafting your financial plan.

At Premier Financial Services, you get the experience and trust that consultants bring to the table plus you gain access to our international network of Registered Financial Consultants and planners with advance designations and experience.

Our expertise will give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing every aspect of your financial plan is well thought-out and all of the important issues have been considered.

Although there may already have many services available on one or more aspects of this subject, there is probably no single services that can be considered sufficiently complete or concise that is applicable both local and international.

Our services encompasses a whole range of experiences coming from different field of expertise who are all trusted and qualified professionals pooled in one house at Premier Business Asia Inc.



To further grow and address the demand of the market, we are adding our line-up of competent professional affiliates who seeks excellence as we work hand in hand deliver results for affiliates to maximize returns from the marriage between our products & services and the professionals.

Our aim is to help maximize your business for you and for your families benefit, further helping you generate more income streams and a positive growth beyond anything you have in placed.

To discuss in complete confidence, how marriage between Premier and your firm would be of greater leverage, please contact us with brief overview of your background and current business.

Jon A. Ramos, RFC
Business Director
Premier Business Asia Inc
Premier Office, 4F Insular Bldg. Gorordo Avenue

Contact us at:

Telephones: 63-32-4120455, 2317520

Email address: director@premierebusinessinc.com, info.premierebusiness@gmail.com
Website address: www.premierebusinessinc.com

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