10 Reasons why I love Jurists bar review center

jurists.jpgTaking the Philippine bar exams can be a very daunting task. Much more daunting is the choice of a Bar review center. I can unequivocally say that all Bar review centers are good. However there are some review centers that I personally consider as the best. One of those review centers is the review center that has very much contributed to my being a lawyer and my being a law professor right now. This is none other than Jurists Bar review Center.

I wrote this article several months after I passed the bar exams. I wanted express my heartfelt thanks to Jurists so I voluntarily wrote this article as a testimonial on what I mean when I say that it is one of the best Bar review center in the country today. This article is posted in the Jurists bar review website (www.juristsbar.com.ph) and is posted in their review center as well.

1.) Mock bar exams

Jurists is only one of the few law review centers in the country that conducts mock bar exams. This helps the examinee prepare for the pressure that will beset him in the actual bar exams.

2.) Individualized coaching

Jurists is probably the only review center that does this. After the bar exams have been checked, each reviewee will be coached as to how he should have answered the exam. Mistakes will be pointed out and it will be determined whether or not the reviewee has applied the answering methods taught be Jurists.

3.) Emphasis on presentation of answers

At Jurists, “how to present your answers in the bar exams” is a major subject. Lecturers constantly berate reviewees with regards to this matter. Special lecture session is also conducted regarding this matter. Jurists believes that how you answer is as relevant as what you answer. 50 % of the bar is won through the way you answer.

4.) Reasonable lecture hours

Unlike other review centers where they ask you to review for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, thereby reducing your study time or worst, reviewees choose not to attend lectures anymore, at Jurists lecture times are only on Friday nights, Saturday and Sunday whole day. Lecture time is not an unreasonable 8 to 12 hours a day session but rather it is a manageable 8 a.m to 5 p.m. session.

5.) The best selection of Lecturers

At Jurists, reviewees are asked to fill out an evaluation form after every lecture. The form is then submitted to the Jurists administration, which in turn will see if the Lecturer is really effective. Evaluating the lecturer through the evaluation form is not a mere formality; the administration always makes sure that the lecturers are informed of their performance during the review.

6.) Help desk

The Jurists administration has assigned a person to assist reviewees during lecture time. A person always mans the help desk from the moment the lectures starts until it finishes. Reviewees are always assured that somebody will attend to their needs while the lecture is going on.


7.) Pro-active administration

Behind a successful company is always a hard working management team. The Jurists administration works hard to ensure that reviewees really get what they paid for. The Jurists administration is almost always there every lecture to ensure that everything is all right and that the reviewees are comfortable. They stick around and talk to reviewees during break times and just try to make reviewees feel right at home.

8.) Grand opening and closing party

This is probably the only review center that tries to boost reviewees morale by throwing an opening and a closing party.

9.) A festive and family atmosphere

At Jurists, reviewees do not merely come and go and just know each other by how they look. The Administration takes pro-active steps to make sure that reviewees are acquainted at each other. There is no “discrimination” in Jurists. No single school occupies the front rows only while the rest of those who are “not in” occupy the back. Every reviewee gets a chance to choose sit where he or she is comfortable. There is no “We are the more superior school” mentality. Everybody is mingling and enjoying each other’s company.

10.) Jurists cares

If there is one word that summarizes why I love Jurists is that Jurists cares. The phrase “We care” is not just a cliché at Jurists. It’s a way of doing things. Jurists cares that the reviewee needs the support of their parents, that’s why they hold a “care givers meeting.” Jurists cares that a reviewee might be involved romantically with another reviewee and might disrupt his or her preparation for the bar that’s why they hold “counseling sessions” to resolve this problem. Jurists really does care.

JURISTS . . .Love ko to’

If you would like to know more about Jurists bar review center log on to www.juristsbar.com.ph

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6 Responses to 10 Reasons why I love Jurists bar review center

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  2. boytoy says:

    im planning to enroll in jurist… maybe first week of march ’09

  3. zigfred says:

    Boytoy: Great !!! Are you enrolling in Jurists Manila or Cebu ? If you are enrolling in Cebu, Check out our new blogsite at http://www.juristsbarcebu.blogpsot.com. For Jurists Manila check out http://www.juristsbar.com.ph

  4. boytoy says:

    Manila. can’t wait to experience the “jurist care”… hehehe

  5. grace says:

    Thanks for giving good reviews on jurists bar review center. I ended up enrolling at jurists here in manila… But not before I visited the jurists website w/c happens to have already expired and ended up visiting cebu’s blogspot and calling jurists cebu to get manila’s number…Anyways, in addition to your list, I’d add- Jurists values the reviewees’ time. they’re very punctual. I thought that our lecturer would be fashionably late but he wasn’t. I hope that jurists’ website would work again so that bar examinees like me who are relying on contact info from the internet could get in touch with jurists…

  6. zigfred says:

    Grace: Yep I agree. The feed back system really helps weed out the not so good lecturers. We at Jurists Bar Cebu also maintains a blog to update our reviewees. We are probably the first and the only (as of now) bar review center that utilizes Web 2.0 technologies. 🙂

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