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Why I won’t be buying and Apple iPad (At least not for now)

I’m a voracious reader and I dream of owning an Amazon kindle. I waited until the international edition is made available. However until now I didn’t purchase one because I still have books that I need to finish. Also I … Continue reading

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All about the iPhone 3GS Oleophobic coating

What is Oleophobic coating Oleophobic Ole what ? The term Oleophobic must be quite new as my word processor does not even recognized it. heheheheh (Oleophobic x 100 say it a hundred times and it’s good tounge twister hehehe):-)

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How to solve the “KDE unable to start is out of diskspace” problem in the Asus eepc

Last year I bought an Asus eepc 4G. I was so impressed with the little thing that I wrote a blog post about it entitled “My Asus EeePC experience.”

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Why the Amazon Kindle 2 sucks

I wrote about how Amazon’s Kindle will ““kindle” the fire of revolution in electronic cigarette reading” in the post entitled “The future of reading . . .The Amazon Kindle.” Last December 2008 in the post entitled “My Christmas wish list … Continue reading

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My Christmas wish list for December 2008

I had only one item on my Christmas wish list last December 2007 and you can read it at my post entitled “One of the gifts I hope I will get for Christmas”

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