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Does the Fast 5 Diet really work?

I’ve wanted to loose weight for several years now for health reasons. I’ve tried a lot of stuff already and the only diet system that worked was when I took a Chinese herbal medicine product. I think I moved about … Continue reading

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The perfect ab exercise – The Plank (planking)

In today’s modern society when you talk about “Planking” every body thinks it’s posting pictures in Facebook while making out a crazy position. No, I’m not talking about planking the fad. (Or commonly known as the lying down game) I’m … Continue reading

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How to get water out of your ear

Recently I enjoyed a trip with my family and friends at Kawasan Falls in Badian Cebu. I really love traveling and if I have the time and resources I would love to do more of it. Yet going places and … Continue reading

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Is flaxseeds good for your health?

People are getting crazy over alternative sources of medicine. In the Philippines, T.V and radio ads are filled with “herbal” food supplements that although do not guarantee a cure are however marketed as a “cure all.”

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Seaweeds mania!

Months ago my wife bought some dried seaweeds and started to eat it with rice. Naturally, I was curious what it tasted like, so I tried some.

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