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zdiazpolymathmainlogosmallzdiaz.com used to be known in the blogsphere as the home of the “Guerilla blogger.” Since its existence and for the past 6 years, the blog used to contain a mishmash of topics that reflect that blogger’s various interest. After finally embracing his “polymathism” the blogger decided to mainly write articles that will provide tips and advices to other polymaths. The blogger’s thoughts and interesting take on several issues from a multidisciplinary approach are also featured here as well.

Zigfred Diaz is a full blooded polymath. He is an industrial engineer, entrepreneur, Registered Financial Planner (RFP®), a Philippine Stock Echange Certified Securities Specialist (CSS), Financial Planning Advocate, (Personal Financial Advisers Philippines Corporation) an Associate Estate Planner (AEPP), (Wealth Management Center for Communications & Research Inc.), lawyer,  senior manager for group of family owned corporations, licensed broadcaster, a licensed real estate broker, licensed real estate appraiser, computer technician, certified community and development organizer and social science researcher.

As a prolific writer he is a multi-site blogger, book author and novelist. From time to time he writes articles related to investing and personal finance at the Business Mirror and Money Sense Magazine.

Armed with a certificate in teaching he has taught subjects in anthropology, business and economics in senior high school and in college and is currently teaching at law subjects at a local University.

He is also an ordained minister and serves as a church pastor for more almost 7 years now.

He is currently pursuing his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the University of the People (online) and his Master’s degree in Anthropology from the University of San Carlos. He will be majoring in Cognitive Archaeology. To supplement his studies in the field he is taking up a graduate certificate course at the Center of Cognitive Archeology of the University of Colorado in Colorado springs (online) He is also currently in the process of obtaining an International Coach Federation (ICF) certification to become a certified life coach.

About the Life Hack for Polymaths logo

The vitruvian man (As can be seen in the sketches of polymath Leonardo Da Vinci) represents the quintessential polymath and the convergence of Art and Science. The square within a circle represents the human and the divine.

The left portion of the figure is rendered in curvilinear lines (or organic shapes) to represent the humanity of the person capable of ebbing and flowing, expanding and contracting, or yielding to the forces of both the physical and spiritual universe

The right portion of the figure is depicted in rectilinear lines (or geometric shapes) to represent the unyielding human spirit determined and relentless in its pursuit of knowledge, the integration of knowledge and all other disciplines and the practical application of such.

The color of the perfect circle is carmine (one of the red colors of Ancient Egypt) In color psychology, red represents strength, energy, and passion. The circle represents life and one’s self.

The color of the perfect square is prussian, a shade of blue, because it represents intelligence and logic (the mind) The square suggests rationality and order.

The copyright of this logo belongs to Zigfred Diaz and is used as his personal brand in this site. This logo may not be used in any part or in any form without permission from the copyright owner.


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