Making brooms out of plastic bottles

Some people say that Facebook is a waste of time. I don’t think so, aside from connecting you to friends and family from both nearby and afar off, you also get to learn a lot of things from other people by knowing what they are reading and by their sharing of ideas, be it their original idea or something they picked up online.

Take this one for example, I’ve always been an advocate of “going green,” so whenever there is a nice cool, environmentally oriented idea that could help save me some money, it always gets my attention. Recently one of my Facebook friends posted a picture of how to make brooms out of plastic bottles, which is shown below.

The pictures are not so instructive and it might not even be very clear to some people, but at least it prompted me to search and know more about it online. The project really makes sense as it gives us one more option on what to do with plastic bottles. So instead of just recycling plastic bottles, they can now be turned into something more useful, brooms. Aside from it being made from recycled material, the plastic bottle brooms its is very durable compared to the usual brooms and of course very cheap so you will save a lot and will have more cash to buy your mother’s ring on mother’s day !  As of the time of this writing, I have not found a youtube video giving detailed step by step instructions on how to do it. If you find one, please leave a link on the comment box below.

The idea started out in Brazil by an organization called “A Rocha Brazil” a Christian not-for-profit environmental education and conservation organization. It is a member of the international A Rocha family and was established in Brazil in the beginning of 2006. It focuses on scientific research for ecosystem conservation, promotion of behavioural changes and establishing partnerships with governmental and non-governmental organizations to develop socio-environmental action. You can view more about their plastic bottle broom project in this youtube video or visit them online at


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