Happy 2nd anniversary The Master’s Community Fellowship

Two years ago, February 14, 2010, God placed a burden in our hearts to start a small church in our garage with a small group of people. Attendance for the succeeding Sundays was just between 5 to 10 adults. We named the Church, The Master’s Community Fellowship, reflective of our position as Christians being slaves of Jesus Christ and Him being our Master, Lord and Savior.

After 2 years of ministry, average attendance now runs a total of almost 80 per Sunday. Between to 35 to 45 adults regularly attend our morning services, 10 to 15 in our afternoon discipleship program for youth and from 15 to 30 children in our afternoon children’s worship service.

Since our current meeting place which has only a capacity of 40 to 50 is a bit crowded already, we will be moving to a bigger place which can accommodate up to 60 or 70, that is where we originally started – our garage. The previous meeting place will be utilized for the kids worship service which will run simultaneously with the adult worship service. There will be no more afternoon children’s worship service.

We praise God for his goodness and the people who have responded to His call to become real disciples of Jesus Christ these past 2 years of ministry work and these is the heart and soul of ministry work, better than programs, buildings, attendance or even buy gold online. You can read all about what God is doing in our place in our 2011 The Master’s Community Fellowship church annual report. Our website is at www.tmcf.zdiaz.com. (This will soon be moved to a domain of its own)


Join us as we celebrate God’s goodness for 2 years of reaching the World by preaching the Word one verse at at a time, this anniversary Sunday, February 26, 2012 ! Our speaker will be Pastor Jeremy Pruitt from New Beginning Baptist Church, Sulphur Springs Texas, U.S.A.

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