Cebu Tsunami alert scare youtube videos

Last Monday February 6, 2012 Central Visayas was hit by a very strong earthquake. The epicenter was located in the middle of Tanyon Strait which is in between Negros and Cebu. Badly damaged was Negros Oriental more specifically the town of Tayasan, Gihulngan, La Libertad, Ayongon etc. Cebu was shaken but was not damaged although some cracks has surfaced in some public infrastructures. There were no classes for the next 2 to 3 days as establishments and the government checked buildings.

What’s so interesting about this event is that because of the strong quake the  Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology issued “Tsunami alert no. 2” which advised to “stay away from the shoreline and to watch out for unusual waves. People living in the shoreline are advised to be watchful. ” Take note that no evacuation was recommended, but just for people to be watchful.

Apparently some people have mis-understood the warning and some people living in coastal barangays in the City spread the wrong information telling people in the streets that the “tsunami” is coming. Because of the lack of the information, panic spread all over the street and people ran, some of them even removed their shoes and toesox and scrambled to get to high ground even if  there is absolutely little or even zero possibility that a Tsunami will hit the area.

Here are youtube videos of the Cebu Tsanami scare incident. This is what Cebu is like if there is wide spread panic.


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