Happy New year, Happy 2012 to all!

I’d like to greet all readers of this blog a Happy New year and officially welcome the year 2012. Looking back at 2011, it was such a challenging year, but we’ve all managed to survive it by God’s grace.

On a personal note, business wise the Lord has been good. After the turmoil we’ve been through in 2010, I’ve always considered 2011 as an adjustment. But now that such is over, I see 2012 as a year of growth in all businesses that has been entrusted to me by the Lord. With regards to my online businesses, 2011 was a year of expansion so the dividends on the capital investments I’ve made online will probably be reaped in 2012 and in the next 2 to 3 years by God’s grace. I’m glad to have finally finished the final chapters in some cases I’ve been handling. Although the stock market seemed to be going nowhere in 2011, we’ve posted a small gain, and that is all right, but hopefully I look forward to a more exciting and brighter market in 2012.

In terms of ministry, we’ve received a lot of spiritual blessings and have been further inspired by recent events to continue doing the work that the Lord has entrusted to us. Oh by the way you might want to check out our church annual report. Click here to read The Master’s Community Fellowship annual report 2011.

On a much more personal note, I’ve lost weight and will hopefully continue to do so in 2012 albeit the setbacks during the holidays. (I still can’t stop thinking about all those crispy lechon and shiny glazed hams that has been served during the holidays) I’ve read a lot of books but didn’t have much progress in terms of my online theology classes. Hopefully I’ll be able to get back to it this year. We’ve also done a lot of traveling within Southeast Asia in 2011, and will be looking forward to doing more traveling in 2012. We did some major renovations in our house such that it has become more eco-friendly and expanded our kitchen. I’ll tell you all more about it soon.


As another year has passed, I realized that I am getting older and I hope I am getting wiser because wisdom does not always come with age. But my prayer to God is that he would help me live life to the fullest, learn, love and leave a legacy all for Him. Once again Happy new year to all and hope we leave all the bad memories of 2011 in our memory foam mattress  and look forward to a brighter more prosperous new year !

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