Paquiao vs. Marquez trilogy– Who is the winner ? – Part 2

Last time in the post Paquiao vs. Marquez trilogy– Who is the winner ? – Part 1 I gave the first three reasons why Manny Pacquiao is the clearly the winner in all fights with Juan Manuel Marquez. Let me continue by giving you reason, facts and evidences numbers 4 to 7.

4.) The challenger must prove he is worthy of the challenge

Since Pacquiao is the reigning champion, Marquez being the challenger must be the aggressor and must exceed Pacquiao’s statistics to even claim that the fight was a close fight. Sadly this is not what happened and yet he keeps on claiming that he is the winner.

5.) Marquez went down

In two of their fights, Marquez went down two times and he never managed to do it to Manny Pacquiao. In their last fight, Marquez also went down once but that was ruled by judges to be a slip. Nevertheless the fact that Marquez went down clearly shows that Pacquiao’s aggression, speed and punching power overwhelmed Marquez. If Marquez went down 3 times on their last fight I bet he’ll have to be checked by an ecg to see if his heart is ok. 🙂

6.) Fight record show Pacquiao is the better boxer

Pacquiao has a total of 58 fights. He has sterling 53 win record, 38 of those by knock out and only 3 losses. In fact his last loss was still in 2005 and his next 14 fights sealed his title as the best “pound for pound” as he took on high prized fighter such as Mosley, Morales, Hatton, Clottey and even the great Oscar Dela Hoya. On the other hand Juan Manuel Marquez has a total of 60 fights, 53 wins, 39 KOs and 6 losses. Sure Marquez has his own share of victories against highly prized fighters and is a good and intelligent boxer but he can never match Pacquiao’s record.


7.) The difference in score in their last fight was substantial

The judges scored the fight 115-113, 116-112, 114-114. Only one judged score a tie, the other judge had Manny Pacquio leading by two points while the other one by 4 points. Now isn’t that substantial? It would have been controversial if in two judges scored a tie while one judge scored one point in favor of Pacquiao. But such is not the case. Clearly the judges score reflected the actual boxing statistics.

In conclusion, Pacquiao is the clear winner in all fights and the better boxer. There is clearly no controversy here. Marquez thought he won in the last fight because his corner told him that he was “leading” when in fact he was not as clearly shown by the statistics. Those who were initially biased in favor of Marquez before the decision was announced were clearly influenced by what they only saw on t.v and that was Marquez being seen on camera with some clean shots. However the statistics tell a different story and the judges scored reflected this. We could debate and voice our opinion and do a round by round analysis or even watch the fight all over again, but in the end it is the hard cold facts and evidences that show who is the real winner and that is clearly Manny Pacquiao.

As for Marquez ? Well he keeps on saying that he was robbed and that is the clear winner of all 3 fights. He’s just like the boy who cried wolf. In the end nobody will believe him. Heck even if he is KO’d by Pacquiao I bet he would even claim that he is still the winner! Bob Arum wants a 4th fight and without I doubt Pacquiao will still win, maybe by a wide margin as in fight number 3 or maybe by knockout who knows, but I bet Marquez will still say that he was “robbed of his victory.” Boooo Marquez and shame on you. Be a man and admit that Pacquiao is so much better than you !

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