Paquiao vs. Marquez trilogy– Who is the winner ? – Part 1

Of course the answer to the question is obvious and to lay my cards down, I’m a Manny Pacquiao fan, not only because he is Filipino but because he is such a great fighter and one who is humble and has a good heart. But let me write something about the Paquiao vs. Marquez trilogy. I’ve been ranting in Facebook about this and its time about time that I rant on this blog to have a permanent record of my opinion in cyberspace (which I know other people don’t care about anyway, nevertheless I still want to voice out)

Marquez has been complaining for the nth time that he was “robbed” of his victory. He might as wall buy some wall speakers and play his continuous complaint himself. He has been constantly sour grapping, complaining and insisting that he is a better boxer than Manny Pacquiao. Pacquiao critics and even so some so called boxing analyst support his claims. Let’s look at the evidence and see who is the real winner or who is the better boxer, Pacquiao or Marquez ?

1.) Manny Pacquiao has always been the clear winner all along

The first fight was a draw, in the second fight Manny won via split decision, in the third fight Manny won via unanimous decision. I’ve always been told that 1 plus 1 equals two. If you win two times out of three and in one of the fights it is a tie (not even a win for the other party) it is clear that you are the winner and the better boxer. Tell this to a 5 year old kid and ask him who won or who is the better boxer. Isn’t it obvious? Manny Pacquiao of course. Also take note that during the first fight According to Wikipedia, “one of the judges (who scored the bout 113–113) later admitted to making an error on the scorecards, having scored the first round as 10–7 in favor of Pacquiao instead of the standard 10–6 for a three-knockdown round. If he had scored the round 10–6 for Pacquiao (as the other two judges did) the result would have been a split decision in favor of Pacquiao.” Now it is very clear that in the 3 fights Pacquiao was the winner all along.

2.) Boxing statistics show Manny Pacquiao is better than Marquez

In their last fight, according to CompuBox, Pacquiao has thrown 578 punches connecting 176 while Marquez had it 436 connecting 138. Pacquiao threw 304 jabs connecting 59 to Marquez’s 182 with 38 connects. Pacquiao threw 274 power punches connecting 117 while Marquez threw 254 with 100 connecting. These statistics are confirmed by other boxing statistics gathering sites. Clearly, Pacquiao out boxed and outclassed Marquez. The difference is clearly not negligible even if you include a plus/minus 10 % margin of error.


3.) Pacquio was the aggressor

In almost all fights especially the last one, Pacquiao was almost always the aggressor. Marquez just stood their waiting for his punches. They say he is a counter puncher, but is for me its shows his being wimpy. He’s afraid of Pacquiao that’s why he isn’t aggressive enough.

I will give four more reasons, evidences or facts that clearly shows Pacquiao is the winner and the better boxer than Marquez “Paquiao vs. Marquez trilogy– Who is the winner ? – Part 2”

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