Get rid of fat get free Xenical from Club New You Philippines !

I’ve been a Xenical user for several years now. But I am not a regular user because Xenical is expensive its about P 40+ per capsule, and if I regularly take it 3 times a day that would be more than P 120+ a day ! Of course if it weren’t so expensive I’d take it 3 times a day.

A reasonable price would be less than P 20.00 in my opinion. So I just take it when I eat fatty food. So far I am very satisfied with the product as it eliminates a certain percentage of the fat I intake. The evidence can be seen when you do your morning ritual. The more fatty food you eat the more you will this evidence, and if you are a Xenical user you know what I mean because sometimes the evidence manifest itself in the most awkward situations when this happens it might be advisable for you to wear some incontinence products hehehehe 🙂

About 2 or 3 months ago I saw an ad while I was browsing, it featured a site called “Club New you” which is of course backed by Xenical. I guess this is one of their marketing campaign and part of the social media marketing strategy. Being an internet marketer myself, I can truly appreciate what they are doing and I presume it is very effective.

According to their site, “Club New You” aims to serve Filipinos who are looking for a holistic and effective weight-loss plan. Once you become a member you will be given a FREE membership card, which you can use to avail the discounts & freebies given by merchant partners such as Netopia, Christ Sports, Mr. Jones, Reader’s Digest and other restaurants and shops.


So I immediately signed up, followed the instruction on the site and sent my 8 blister packs of Xenical. After several weeks, I got my package! Free 1 box of Xenical worth approximately almost P 900.00, my Club New You card and some informational material.


So watcha waitin’ for ? Sign up now and get your free Xenical. Be a member of Club New You and bring out the new you in you. Visit


(Note: This is not a paid post, I wrote this because I appreciate the free Xenical that was given to me and of course, the product works as I have tried it myself) 

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