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My first 2 years as a blogger was spent on being a guerilla blogger, developing this blog and venturing on other blogs. It was only in my third year that I started to venture into niche blogging. It will be my 4th year as a blogger this November of 2011.

My first niche blog was Stock Market investing is one of my main passions., although targeting a very lucrative market, is somewhat technical that’s why I seldom write a post for it. But I’ll do my best not to be lazy and will update it more often as it has somewhat of a loyal following.

I wanted my second niche blog to be a travel blog. So after I put up my stock market investing blog in 2010, I started a travel blog. Traveling is one of my passions and I have traveled so much that I am sure I will have no problem developing the blog. Since I am busy with wearing my other hats, I wanted to pool other travel bloggers to help me put content in the blog. Unfortunately it didn’t work. All of us were too busy writing that the blog only had 3 entries. The domain name is still active, but I will not renew it anymore once it expires.

My travels increase this year, and I was really bothered by not having a travel blog. All those travel pictures, adventures and experiences will go to a waste if I did not blog about it before I forget it and so in August of 2011, was born.

Admittedly I consider my personal blog as being a poor choice for a domain name. My stock market investing blog is great for SEO purposes but it does not establish a brand name. In, all of my previous mistakes in the choice of domain names have been rectified. The elements of establishing a brand and the SEO component have been addressed.


I’ve chosen to name the blog not only for SEO purposes but it defines my travel mantra, and that is traveling on a backpack or traveling light. My travel blog is not entirely a budget travel blog although I will feature budget traveling in some post. It’s a blog about back packing travel ideas that will hopefully inspire readers to travel and to give travel tips based on my experiences as a traveler.

This is my latest blogging baby and I am nursing it now. I’ve started several blogs already and I consider myself I veteran when it comes to starting blogs from scratch. Well, I guess my patience will really have to be stretched as I have to go through the whole experience all over again. All my other blogs are already in place and is in some sort of semi-auto pilot save for writing some post, doing some minor tweaks or soliciting ads or being some sort of product reviewers.  But this new travel blog, ? whew ! I have to build it up from the ground up.

I hope and pray that I will have the same if not greater successes with my new travel blog as with my existing blogs. If you want great travel ideas then go visit now !

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